About Us

Good sleep, good life.
WhatASleep wants you to have just that.

What we do

WhatASleep reviews sleep products available in the UK and brings the best of the best to you. From shortlisting the mattresses for back pain to blankets for winter, from pillows for camping to sleep masks for flights, from alarm clocks to wake you up gently to finding the perfect bed for your pooch, we review over 25 categories of sleep products at the moment. 

We also list attractive coupons and seasonal offers available on these products and answer popular questions such as ‘Do women need more sleep men than women?’ on our blog.

Who we are

We are a diverse team of sleep experts, product reviewers, data junkies and folks who love their 7-8 hours of Zzz. Or rather, consider us that geeky friend who likes to do the research on your behalf and recommend you the best options to shop from as well as the best deals! 

How we do it

Our team spends hundreds of hours to come up with product recommendations, putting the needs and expectations of an average sleeper at the right, left and centre of our job.

We start by mining the Internet for sleep products and aggregating a mix of trusted and innovative brands. We also take into account new trends sweeping the sleep world.

Then we source peer-reviewed data on each of these products and study their specs rigorously, making sure they are worth their price and promises they make. Next, we compare our findings with feedback from experts and thousands of customer reviews available online. After the mix and match, our editorial team writes down reviews and recommendations in easy-to-follow formats and language, so you exactly know what you are about to buy.

We also comb the Internet to bring you the latest coupons and discounts on a range of sleep products and accessories. Never will you find an expired deal on our website.


Our editorial reviews are independent of our business interests

We get an affiliate commission every time a user makes a purchase on our website but this comes at no additional cost on you, dear user. In fact, if you return the products we recommend or find our reviews unhelpful, we make nothing at all.

Editorial integrity and customer interest are non-negotiable for us. We will never push you substandard products just because it’s easy money for our business. Our editorial and business teams work independently of each other and this model will never change.

Disclaimer: We are neither sleep specialists nor a medical website. We are a website that reviews ergonomically-designed sleep products. Given the customer feedback, these products seem to have improved the sleep quality of many but in no way do we claim that these can cure sleep disorders. Consult a doctor if your sleep issues persist or aggravate.