The Best Bunk Beds in the UK (2022)

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Finding the right bed can be difficult. Finding two beds? Well, forget it. When it comes to bunk beds, there are so many factors to consider: durability, safety, type, size and other considerations can make choosing the right bunk bed for you, your children, roommates or guests seem like an impossible task. 

That’s where we come in: we’ve scraped the web and came up with a list of the UK’s best bunk beds. And while bunk beds are traditionally a staple among kids and young teens — any 1980s coming of age flick isn’t complete without them — you’ll find our list also includes options for adults who need comfort in compact spaces. Read on for our hand-picked top UK bunk beds of 2022.

How did we go about the selection:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of our top picks of bunk beds, here are some key considerations to look for.


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Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Consider When Buying A Bunk Bed

1. Safety

  • When looking for beds, the age of your child is an important factor to consider. While almost anyone can sleep in the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, the top bunk should be reserved for children ages six and older.
  • If you’re buying for children, guard railings and other safety features for the top bunk are a must. Remind your kids that only one child should be on the top bunk at a time.
  • A sturdy ladder to climb up to the top bunk should be a part of any bunk bed you buy. Nobody, especially not children, should have to climb to the top bunk without a ladder.

2. Size

  • Standard single over single bunk beds are the kind you usually imagine: two one-person bunks fit for small-sized living.
  • Single over double bunks offer a one-person bed on top with a larger bunk below.
  • Double over double bunk beds are larger, more spacious bunk beds with a full double mattress both above and below.
  • While nobody likes to measure, it’s important to take measurements of the floor-to-ceiling height of the room, as well as the length and width of the space you need, so that you know what size bunk bed is best for you.

3. Material

  • Wooden bunk beds are more or less the standard for many reasons: they look great and are sturdy and safe. You’ve got a lot of good options here — cedar, pine and plywood, to name a few — that are equal parts stylish and functional.
  • Metal bunk beds are wonderful options for Brits looking for a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Superior to wood in sturdiness, metal frames look sharp and offer long-lasting durability.

4. Type

  • A standard bunk bed is your classic option. They don’t feature additional storage space or built-in components, but they do offer the most sleeping space of your options available.
  • Storage bunk beds come in many forms. Some feature two beds with built-in drawers in the frame, while others offer just one lofted bed with storage space in place of the bottom bunk.
  • Three sleeper bunk beds and trundle beds are great for big families or big entertainers.

Best Bunk Beds To Buy In The UK: Rankings & Reviews

1. Happy Beds Kids Bunk Bed (Saturn Oatmeal Neutral Fabric)  – Best Splurge


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Forget wood or metal: why choose either when you can have a beautiful, upholstered frame that just screams — no, politely exudes — elegance?

At £424.99, the Saturn Bunk Bed option from Happy Beds is our Best Splurge item, and one of the most expensive items on our list. While you can certainly find cheaper beds and bigger beds, you probably won’t find something as beautiful as this standard single bunk bed.

The signature feature of this bed is the upholstery. Coated in an oatmeal beige fabric, the Saturn Bunk Bed stylishly avoids the hard edges associated with wood and metal frames. This is great news if you’re buying for children (4 to 5 years old), who, despite your best efforts, will probably play on the bed. Fortunately, an upholstered bed like this means few to no scrapes or bruises from hard frames.

Another great feature of this bed? It comes with two single size mattresses, and you’ve got options: memory foam, pocket sprung, spring or orthopaedic. These will invariably change the price depending on the type of mattress, but for the prices listed, this is a solid deal.  

With a built-in lipped guardrail on top and a bottom bunk that is very close to the ground, you can sleep soundly at night knowing your kids will, too. Other safety features include a sturdy front-facing metal ladder that is elegantly designed for safe and easy use. Lastly, a roomy clearance gap of 75 cm between bunks is good for both safety and comfort, giving sleepers ample room to move freely.

Upon buying the Saturn Bunk Bed, one user noted:

“[These are] excellent bunk beds [that I] definitely recommend. Everyone comments on them and how nice they are. My sons love them.” — Gavin Cook, United Kingdom Resident, Amazon Reviewer

By all means, this bed is a perfect option when you don’t mind fishing out your wallet. Still, we do have one niggle: for the asking price, there should be much clearer shipping, warranty and return information readily available. Add that and we’d warm up to the high price a lot faster.

Final Verdict: With beautiful oatmeal fabric covering the entire bed, the Happy Beds Saturn Bunk is more than a bed — it’s a statement piece that will make whatever room it’s in look sharp, smart and proper. Children will love its soft features and adults will be impressed by its tasteful but unique aesthetic and safety features.

2. Comfy Living 3 FT. Single Bunk Bed – Editor’s Pick


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The Comfy Living Single Bunk Bed is the perfect middle-ground of bunk beds: it meets all of our requirements for a sturdy, safe and comfortable option at an attractive price.

You might think that for less than £200, you’re getting a cheap British bed made from low-grade wood. That’s not the case with the Comfy Living Single Bunk Bed, which is cut from sturdy pine and painted white for a clean material finish. The ladder is also cut from hard pine, making it reliable when climbing up to the top bunk.

Sturdiness is second to safety, however, and we’re excited to note that this bed provides various safety options. Guardrails on both sides of the top bunk with only a small opening for ladder accessibility means top-bunk sleepers will sleep securely. The ladder is adjustable, too, allowing for customization based on personal preference and individual safety needs.

Still, for the price listed, you are going to make some sacrifices. No storage space or utility options means you’re getting the basics here, which is something to consider before you buy. This bed also does not include mattresses, although that does provide you with the flexibility to choose your own, which is not always an option when buying a combination bunk bed.

Users had lots of positive things to say about the Comfy Living Single Bunk Bed:

“You absolutely cannot complain at this price. Yes, the knots show through after a while. But good quality otherwise and sturdy. Easy to put together. The children will chew [on] it, draw on it and wreck it, so save yourself the expense of amazing everlasting paint and buy this.” — Jim, United Kingdom Resident, Amazon Reviewer

Final Verdict: You’ve got everything you need here in a bunk bed: safety, sturdiness, nice materials and a decent size, all at a wonderful price. There’s a reason it’s the picture you conjure up in your mind when you think of “bunk beds,” and that’s why we chose it as our Editor’s Pick. No bells and whistles here — just solid construction at a solid price. 

3. Heartlands Furnitures Milano Single Pine Bunk Bed – Best Value (Mattress Included)


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If you’re after a great deal, look no further: the Milano Single Pine Bunk Bed offers a wide array of benefits and features that make it our best value pick on the list.

For starters, this bunk bed from Heartlands Furniture comes with two mattresses, saving you a bundle where it counts. A staple single size mattress can run anywhere from £100 and up, meaning you’re probably saving upwards of more than £200 with this bed.

On top of that, the Milano Single Pine Bunk Bed has an adjustable frame that can be split, so both bunks can act as traditional beds if need be. Combined with an adjustable ladder, it’s clear this bunk bed was made for those looking to keep their options open. If you’re the parent or roommate who’s frequently redecorating or reorganizing your sleeping space, you can’t go wrong here.

Safety features here are sufficient, but there’s nothing to write home about, either. A standard guardrail prevents the top sleeper from falling out, but it’s not especially tall, so this bed might not be best suited for playful children or toss-and-turn sleepers.

The design and materials are uninspired, too. White wood and straight edges make for a bunk bed that values function over form. 

According to reviewers, this bunk bed might be a great option for adult Brits, too. With a no-nonsense design and a sturdy build, the Milano Single Pine Bunk Bed impressed one UK reviewer, who responded to a question about durability:

“Yes, they are sturdy enough for adults. I bought these for my grandchildren, but I have had friends stay and they have slept in them, they said they have had a very comfortable night.” — Dee Macey, Amazon Reviewer.

Final Verdict: Simply put, this is our best value bunk bed for a reason. You get two bunks that can stack or act as single floor-level beds, two mattresses, an adjustable ladder and a versatile frame that supports both children and adults.

4. DHP Convertible Metal Bunk Bed – Best Value (Frame Only)


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Our first metal bed on the list is also our best value frame. While the price is the reason the bed made it to our list, there’s more here than a decent value.

When it comes to materials, the metal frame is one unique feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. Metal frames are more resistant to wear and tear over time, which is perfect for children who like to play. However, metal frames can also be a double-edge sword. Because they’re harder and sturdier, any accidents that do happen might be more serious than those that occur with a wooden bed. If you’re especially safety-conscious, you might want to look into a similar frame made from wood to ease your conscience.

Another nice feature about this frame is the painted metal. Standard steel frames can look a little too clean, cold and industrial, so a warm grey-white tone adds some much-needed levity and brightness to an otherwise basic design.

Lastly, this bed is flexible! It can be converted from bunk beds to two single beds, which is a versatile option not always offered with bunk beds of this price. The bed is also available in two convenient configurations: single over single and single over double.

Users found this model easy to assemble and very sturdy:

“Really good quality bunk beds these, come really well packed, instructions really clear and everything marked clearly.” — Michelle Cooke, United Kingdom Resident, Amazon Reviewer.

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a “mattress sold separately” option, we’d recommend this bed. You get a great frame with lots of options and utility that doesn’t sacrifice your savings or the overall room décor. 

5. Happy Beds Max Combination Bed – Most Versatile


There’s a lot to a name. That’s certainly the case with the Happy Beds Max Combination Bed, which is built to be the most customizable, versatile bunk bed on the UK market.

The gimmick here is that the Max Combination Bed provides the parts needed to make every kind of bed a child might need: a toddler bed, a mid-sleeper bed, an L-shaped bunk bed, a standard bunk bed, a single bed, and a guest bed for when the kids are grown and out of the house. The box comes with instructions needed to build all of these beds to suit your needs, making it one of those rare, one-time purchases that really will change with you as your needs change, too.

This is a great idea on paper. Still, we’re a little skeptical about the longevity of a bed like this, especially if it’s supposed to last your child from ages 3-18 as advertised. How many 18-year-olds do you know who wouldn’t mind sleeping in the bed they cried in as a toddler? And how many beginner beds survive the playing, fighting, tumbling, frame-drawing, ladder-climbing and other kinds of abuse bestowed upon them by growing children? That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the thought — it’s just going to take a little wishful thinking to fully believe in a bed like this.

Materials-wise, this bed is much like others on the market. Nothing fancy here, just whitewashed wood with a utilitarian design. We do appreciate that the online shop provides handy digital instruction manuals for every bed design, meaning you won’t have to worry about losing your user guide over the years.

Final Verdict: We’re not sure about the execution of this product — we’d like some more readily available reviews from buyers — but as far as the concept goes, this is a brilliantly designed bunk bed. If you expect you’ll need a lot of versatility and are looking for a bed that’s going to last year over year, you can’t go wrong with the Happy Beds Max Combination Bed.

6. Strictly Beds & Bunks Everest Classic Bunk Bed – Best For Grown-up Children & Adults


“THIS IS A VERY STRONG BUNK BED.” That’s how the product description of the Everest Classic Bunk Bed from Strictly Beds & Bunks begins, and it’s a fitting way to start a review about a no-nonsense bed meant for both children and adults. 

As stated, this bed is strong, and that’s why it’s perfect for adult Brits or those who need a bunk bed for entertaining guests. With features such as extra wide pine base slates, a centre rail for support, a large guardrail and a ladder with extra thick flat rungs for easy climbing, this bed will support you and anyone you entertain.

The bed is versatile, too, with a trundle bed option for those who need space for additional guests. With all of these structural features included, we’re confident in saying we’d sleep on this bed without any safety concerns.

Of course, when the selling point is no-nonsense structural support, you do lose some flare. Made from pine with a purposely unfinished look, this bed looks like it belongs in a log cabin or a UK lodge somewhere. You’re not going for style here, but if you don’t mind the simple look and humble material composition, the Everest Classic Bunk Bed is a great choice.

One important note to consider: user reviews say this bed is strong but building it can be a chore. One user lamented the trickiness of putting the product together:

“These beds are really sturdy once constructed but are quite tricky to put together. You need to be extremely organised and lay out all the bits and pieces in a logical order. Definitely have an assistant with you as it is almost impossible to do alone. There are a lot of parts to put together would maybe have done a little more research had I known.” — User “Legins2020”, United Kingdom Resident, Amazon Reviewer

Final Verdict: Bunk beds aren’t just for kids. Apartment renters, frequent entertainers, adults who need to maximize their space and even those who simply love sleeping up high can benefit from a bunk bed. For these people, the Everest Classic Bunk Bed really nails the needs of an adult bunk bed sleeper without an inflated price or unneeded features.

7. Strictly Beds & Bunks Pandora Triple Sleeper – Best Triple Bunk Bed


Why stop at two bunks when you can have a third? Sometimes, you’ve got more guests or kids than bedrooms to put them in. The Pandora Triple Sleeper from Strictly Beds & Bunks is made for these situations, sleeping three instead of the usual two.

Smart design principles mean the frame takes up virtually the same space as a standard single bunk bed while providing additional value. With a clearance height of 75 cm between bunks, there’s about as much headroom for each sleeper as a standard bunk bed, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort for utility here. That’s great news for parents who still need to think about space for their children to play in, or roommates who need additional room for studying. 

The bed isn’t fancy, with simple pine materials and a classic design. One smart design choice is the end-of-bed ladder that allows for access to each bunk, as well as optional ladder configurations for both sides of the bed. Lots of access is key here: with a bed meant for three people, you’re going to want an easy entry for each bunk — even the odd-one-out who gets stuck with the middle bunk.

Lastly, while not a necessity, it’s nice to know that Strictly Beds & Bunks is a home-grown brand, priding themselves on being a UK-based company that manufactures all their beds in England.

Users had a lot to say about the versatility of this bed:

“This bed is ideal for small children. The middle bunk is the most difficult to access and requires you to be either small or limber. Both the top and bottom bunks are easily accessed. The timber is unfinished but was essentially ready to paint or varnish with only a couple of areas requiring a light sanding.” — Gareth Newton-Williams, United Kingdom Resident, Amazon Reviewer

Final Verdict: This bed is situational at best, but if you’re in the market for a three-sleeper, it’s by no means a bad option. Take back your floor space and save on three separate beds with the Pandora Triple Sleeper. 

8. Strictly Beds & Bunks Stockton Low Sleeper Bunk Bed – Best Compact Bed For Low Ceilings & Small Spaces


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Stockton low sleeper bunk bed is made with an extra emphasis on compact rooms and small spaces.

With lower height measurements than other models, this bed is made for older homes or apartments with limited ceiling space. It also serves as a great option for tall children, teens or adults, because nobody likes hitting their head on the ceiling when they wake up. 

The other features of this bed are much like other Strictly Beds & Bunks beds on our list. It offers strong safety benefits thanks to sturdy construction and solid pine materials. The pine itself is unremarkable but does make for a nice rustic-looking aesthetic when paired with other “unfinished” furniture.

Again, users found that this bed was very well-made, but putting it together was quite the hassle:

“The instructions are all there but a bit chaotic which is a shame. The bed is sturdy and well made. Ladder construction and fixing instructions do need to be clarified. Make sure you clean out the drilled holds or the debris gets in the bolts. It does tell you to do this!” Dr. Robert Russell, United Kingdom Resident, Amazon Reviewer

Final Verdict: Got a small bedroom with low ceilings or looking to max out your storage space in the guest room? This is the bunk bed for you. It’s got great utility with a no-nonsense design that suits both children and adults.

9. Triple Bunk Bed Double Solid Pine Wood Bunk Bed – Best Single-Over-Double Bunk Bed


“Triple Bunk Bed Double Solid Pine Wood Bunk Beds” is definitely a mouthful, but in keeping with the long name, this bunk bed comes with a long list of benefits.

The best part about this bed is the single-over-double design that allows for two sleepers on the bottom bunk. This is great for parents with three children who don’t have the room height for a triple-stacked bunk bed. Alternatively, the bottom bunk can be used for just one sleeper, providing the kind of spacious comfort that smaller bunk beds are not traditionally known for. 

We should note that safety is a top priority with this bed, too. The company makes a point to note that all their beds are tested against high standards and exceed UK safety and fire regulations. This is good news for parents looking for secure options for their children.

Made from pine and painted white, this bed looks sharper and possesses more personality than some others on our list. The angled side-ladder is a unique design choice that is both functional and nice to look at.

In addition to its design, the price is right, too. At £248.98, this bed costs less than some standard single bunk beds, but with the option of a third sleeper, you’re getting more for your money.

In a review titled “Bloody Great For The Price,” a user noted:

“Right, this is one of the cheapest wooden triple bunk beds you can get. I’ve given it three stars because it’s a middle of the road product. But when you factor in the price this is actually quite good.” — Mr. J.P. Black, United Kingdom Resident, Amazon Reviewer

Final Verdict: For those looking for a single over double bunk, this is one of the best options in the UK. You get a big bed, a stylish frame and top-notch safety for relatively cheap. What would really put this bunk bed over the top is if it included mattresses — alas, it does not, and so it remains our best single over double three sleeper but not an Editor’s Pick.

10. Ye Perfect Choice Triple Bunk Bed With Storage –  Most Color & Choice Options


How does 24 color shades to choose from sound? If you’ve got an eye for aesthetics and you’re looking for a bunk bed that’s going to wow others, the Ye Perfect Choice Triple Bunk Bed will meet your needs and then some. With endless aesthetic options and lots of great features, there’s a lot to love here if you can stomach the price.

Speaking of which, let’s get price out of the way: as with our Best Splurge option, this bed is only for those looking for all the bells and whistles attached. The upside of buying a product like this is that it’s likely going to last you a long time and meet all your needs. The downside, of course, is that it might be more than you need, and you’ll already have spent a pretty pound for it.

As far as materials go, this bed is cut from pine and made into a beautiful wooden frame, with smart design choices that give the bed more personality than any other item on our list.

When it comes to versatility and customizable options, this bed is a winner, too. Mattresses are included along with options to upgrade to memory foam and other premium materials. The trundle bed and storage options give you the space and utility of three beds while still leaving room to pack away clothes. You also have a choice between a standard UK size bed and a 10 cm shorter bunk for extra compact spaces.

A top reviewer noted:

“As a product, this is fantastic. I spent forever looking for a bunk bed with a trundle which also incorporated some kind of storage. This is exactly what I was looking for. It does everything I need and still has the footprint of a single bed.” — John Crighton, United Kingdom Resident, Amazon Reviewer

Final Verdict: As far as eye candy goes, this bed is up there with the best of them. Your children might not appreciate it as much as you, but guests will love the thoughtful colors and design elements incorporated into this bed.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations: you’re now a bit of a “bunk bed expert” yourself. Armed with the product knowledge and details in this review, you’ll sleep easy knowing you’ve got the tools and the confidence to pick the best bunk bed for your kids or maybe for yourself. 

Remember, you’ve got this — and we’re here to help.

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