Best Cot Mattresses in the UK

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Choosing the right baby cot mattress is crucial (parents, no pressure!). After all, your little bundle of joy would be spending anywhere from 14 to 19 hours a day (hopefully) sleeping. The cot mattress must be firm, supportive, well-fitting, free from harsh chemicals, easy to clean while still being cozy and comfortable. 

Few may wonder why the cot mattress should be firm? Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable for the newborn? Actually, a firm mattress ensures the baby gets proper support through the night and reduces the risk of sudden infant syndrome (SIDS).

The cot mattresses come in two standard sizes: Cot (60 x 120 cm) & Cotbed (70 x 140 cm). Make sure the mattress perfectly fits the cot bed such that there are no gaps that may pose a danger.

Just like buying an adult mattress, choosing a cot mattress can be confusing, especially with so many options available in the UK market. Here’s where we come in! To help you with the decision-making, we’ve analysed and researched dozens of UK cot mattresses to come up with our top 8 picks across different categories.

UK’s Best Cot Bed Mattresses – Ranked and Reviewed


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1. Eve Cot Mattress – Editor’s Pick


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The Eve cot mattress receives our top spot because of its excellent design, premium materials, features, and stellar overall reviews from satisfied parents. 

Made from luxurious foam and premium pocket springs, the mattress is supportive, pressure-relieving, and most importantly, safe for your baby. Add to that, the Eve cot mattress comes with a waterproof laminate layer that protects the bed from spills and leaks while eliminating allergens. The outer cover is washable and made from soft, breathable and antibacterial fabric that promotes airflow to keep your tiny tot at a comfortable temperature.

The mattress is available in both cot (60x120cm) and cotbed sizes (70x140cm).

Alice L, a happy customer states:

“Excellent quality mattress with a nice pattern and removable waterproof and breathable cover, which most other cot bed mattresses didn’t seem to have. I also bought the waterproof covers to match, which have a lovely soft feel.”

The product is backed by a 5-year guarantee and Eve also offers a 30-night risk-free trial to try the mattress before committing to the purchase. The delivery and returns are free across the UK.

Final verdict: An Editor’s Pick, the Eve cot mattress follows established standards in cot mattress design without overlooking comfort and durability. Apart from offering a safe and supportive surface, this high-quality cot mattress comes with a waterproof layer and an antibacterial cover that keeps the bugs away, ensuring that your baby’s sleep and health are not compromised. All of that, at a competitive price to boot.

2. The Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Bed Mattress – Best Organic


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Made from 100% organic and chemical-free materials, the Little Green Sheep Natural Cot mattress is designed to reduce your little one’s exposure to toxic chemicals. As per this study, cot mattresses can leech up to 30 types of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be hazardous for the baby’s health. But with this mattress, parents can rest easy knowing their little one is sleeping on a safe bed. 

The mattress comes with a unique dual-sided design with the firmer side suitable for infants and the softer side ideal for toddlers. So you certainly get more mileage out of this investment. 

The outer cover is made of luxurious Herringbone cotton, which is soft on the baby’s skin and breathable. The mattress’s core is made of natural coconut coir with latex blend, which offers even and durable support. 

The firmer side of the mattress has a wool layer which is also thermoregulating and is suitable for infants. Temperature regulation is crucial because for the initial 3-4 months as newborns can’t regulate their body temperature themselves. On the other hand, the less firmer side has a natural latex layer which is comforting and suitable for toddlers (12 months+).

The mattress is available in both cot and cotbed sizes and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The company claims that the Little Green Sheep is UK’s best-selling organic mattress for babies, and we don’t doubt it. This cot mattress has a rating of 4.8/5 across 1,000+ reviews which highly speaks of the product’s quality.

Aimee, a satisfied UK buyer states:

“The mattress seems very comfortable and my daughter sleeps well on. It is reassuring to know there aren’t any chemicals leeching in to the atmosphere around her as she sleeps.”

The only downside of this otherwise excellent mattress is that it doesn’t come with a waterproof mattress protector and it needs to be purchased separately.

Final Verdict: The Little Green Sheep mattress is an excellent organic option for your baby as it’s free of chemicals or toxins. The dual-sided mattress is breathable, anti-bacterial, and insulating to regulate the temperature of your baby’s body. It provides the right support to your baby as they grow to toddlerhood.

3. Tutti Bambini Sprung Cot Mattress – Best Budget


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Priced one-third the cost of our top pick, the Tutti Bambini Sprung Cot mattress is a great option for parents who’re shopping for a budget-friendly yet safe and firm mattress. One thing to note here is that this cot mattress is single-sided and probably may not last through the toddler years of your young one.

The mattress has a pocket spring core which is sandwiched between nursery grade foam and covered with a water-resistant air-permeable justtec fabric. The outer cover is breathable which can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Weighing just under 7kg, it’s also lightweight making it easy to put on the sheets. The foam used is fire retardant, free form PVC and conforms to British safety standards (BS1877 & BS7177).

Coming to the mattress, it’s firm as a baby mattress should be, well ventilated and comes in standard sizes: Cot and Cotbed.

The Tutti Bambini mattress also got plenty of positive reviews from UK parents. The product has an aggregate rating of 4.6/5 across 800 user reviews.

Here’s what one of the new parents has said on Amazon:

“This is a lovely firm mattress for our six-month-old now that she’s graduated from her smaller Moses basket. It seems perfectly comfortable for her. I love that it can be wiped clean as she can be a sicky baby.”

The mattress comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. There is no sleep trial, but considering the price point, it might be too much to ask.

Final verdict: Parents looking for a solid cot mattress on a budget may appreciate the Tutti Bambini Sprung Cot mattress. It offers a good balance of safety, comfort and ease of cleaning.

4. Panda Kids Bamboo Cot Mattress – Best Waterproof & Temperature regulating


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A waterproof cot mattress usually risks a compromise on breathability. But not with the Panda Kids Bamboo Cot Mattress. Thanks to the thoughtful design and excellent choice of materials, it offers excellent temperature regulation allowing your baby to sleep cool in summer and stay warm and cosy in winters.

Made from gel-infused memory foam and airflow foam with an anti-slip top layer, it restricts the baby’s movement by up to 30%, resulting in more peaceful sleep for your baby. The thin waterproof layer prevents liquid from seeping into the mattress and protects from moisture and fungi build-up. The outer bamboo casing is naturally very breathable, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic, making it a good choice, especially for babies with sensitive skin.

The mattress is available in cot and cotbed sizes and is suitable for newborns to 5 years old. 

The mattress boasts excellent reviews from satisfied parents and has a rating from 4.76/5 across 4000 odd reviews from happy customers. 

A satisfied parent wrote on the website

“We have been using this mattress for just a week now. For now, I can say that quality is very good, perfectly fits our cot. Delivery was very fast!”

The company offers a risk-free 30-day trial to try out the product and see if it suits your baby. The product is backed 5-year guarantee and delivery and returns are also free.

Final verdict: The Panda Kids Bamboo Cot Mattress is both breathable and waterproof allowing your baby to sleep comfortably through the toddler years. With over 4000 positive reviews and a 30-day no-risk trial, this seems to be a no-brainer.

5. Alvi Comfortable Travel Cot Mattress – Best Travel Cot Mattress


Whether you are taking your baby to visit their grandparents or just going to some fancy destination for a holiday, this Alvi-Comfort Travel Cot Mattress has got you covered. This cot mattress folds down to an easy-to-carry form factor and it even comes with a carrying case too!

Even though it’s a travel cot mattress, it does not compromise on the baby’s comfort or safety in any way. It’s 6 cm thick and made from high-quality polyurethane foam, giving a supportive and firm surface for your tiny tot to sleep on. The 100% cotton casing is soft on the baby’s skin, breathable and can be easily removed for washing. Add to that it’s pollutant-tested and certified by the Öko-Tex standard for no harmful substance.

The mattress comes in a standard size of 60x120cm and fits the most commonly available travel cots. 

Over 4,000 UK parents have left glowing reviews on Alvi-Comfort Travel Cot Mattress with an average rating of 4.7/5Miss Mac, one such parent, reviewed it on Amazon:

“It is good quality and is easily packaged for storage and carrying around, very light weight, fits perfectly in the travel cot, very happy with this purchase.” 

Although the company doesn’t mention the warranty or guarantee period, the product can be returned within 30 days for free if you are not satisfied.

Final verdict: We feel anyone looking for a travel cot mattress would be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Alvi Comfortable Travel Cot Mattress. It’s well-priced, made from high-quality materials and does not compromise on the sleep and safety of the ‘apple of your eye’.

6. SnuzSurface Adaptable Cot Bed Mattress – Adjustable Firmness (0-7 yrs)


A baby cot mattress is usually an investment only for a few years. But the SnuzSurface Adaptable Cot Bed Mattress can be used by your baby for as long as seven years. 

The mattress comes with three supports that can be adjusted to get the right firmness at different stages of the baby’s growth and development up to 7 years of age. The initial set-up of the mattress is suitable for newborns (0 to 12 months). And as the baby grows to toddlerhood and beyond, you can simply unzip the mattress and rearrange the foam layers to provide adequate support to your child, according to their size and weight.

Made from supportive pocket springs and foam layer, the mattress is durably built and offers a conducive sleeping surface for the baby. It also comes with a built-in waterproof layer to keep the mattress clean and dry and the outer casing is removable and washable.

The mattress is available in cotbed size (70x140cm) and SnuzKot size (68x117cm). Unfortunately, it does not come in cot size.

The product has a rating of 4.8/5 across 60 odd reviews and most parents seem to be content with the purchase. 

Hollie Campion, a UK buyer states: 

“This mattress is lovely. It feels so supportive. Love that it’s adaptable so that it can grow with our child. We like this mattress so much we will be buying another one for when our next little one arrives.” 

Some buyers reported that the mattress could take up to 7 days to fluff up as it comes rolled and compressed. 

Final Verdict: The SnuzSurface Adaptable Cot Bed Mattress is a durable and versatile option that can be used by your baby for as long as 7 years, making it a worthy investment.


7. Kinder Valley Cot & Cotbed Flow Mattress – Bargain Pick


Priced just under £30, the Kinder Valley Cotbed Flow Mattress is the most inexpensive item on the list, but don’t let the price deter you. It’s a safe and solid cot mattress in every way. Yes, it does lack on breathability and temperature regulation department, but considering the price, it is worth every penny.

First and foremost, it adheres to British safety standards and NHS guidelines and it’s safe as every other mattress on the list. It is made out of 10cm thick high-density poly-fibre with a washable water-resistant outer casing.

Like any cot mattress, it’s firm and supportive, offering good posture support to the baby while sleeping or resting. It comes in standard sizes: Cot and Cotbed and is backed by a 12-month warranty.

The Kinder Valley Flow mattress is also an Amazon’s Choice product with an average rating of 4.7/5 across 700 odd verified reviews.

A happy parent writes on Amazon:

“Can easily recommend his mattress, excellent value for money and very comfortable. I’ve had the cover off for washing and it was fine (cold wash and line dry). It fits the toddler bed perfectly with no gaps. I’ve had it for 6 months and no complaints.”

Final verdict: The Kinder valley flow mattress is ideal for anyone on a shoe-string budget. It’s cheaper than most cot mattresses but offers near similar performance in terms of comfort and safety.

Buyers Guide: Factors to consider when buying a baby cot mattress

Wondering what to look for when buying a cot mattress? Let us help you here with our buyer’s guide so that it gets easier for you to select the one according to your needs.


Look for mattresses marked with a BS number as it implies that they conform to the norms of the British safety standards. The mattress should have one or more of these BS certifications:

  • BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012 
  • BS 7177:1996 
  • BS EN 16890:2017 

If it does have a BS number, it means the mattress has been checked for all basic safety requirements in the UK. They are least likely to cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or be hazardous for your baby’s health. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Firm is good

Experts say the firmer the mattress, the better, since firm mattresses lower the risk of SIDS. Ensure that the mattress you choose is firm as it maximises the development of the baby by providing the resistance necessary to strengthen their muscles. You can try and press your hand into the centre and corners of the mattress and check for its firmness yourself. If it bounces back to its original shape immediately, it is good to go.

Size and dimensions:

Cot mattresses come in two sizes: Cot (120 x 60cm) and Cotbed (140 x 70cm) respectively. If you need larger or smaller sizes than these usual standard sizes in the UK, you may have to get them custom-made. It is recommended that you select a mattress that is at least 10cm thick. Add a waterproof cover or mattress protector for better protection.

Mattress Types

Now that you have learnt about the factors you need to keep in mind while picking the mattress for the baby cot bed, let us guide you further with the types of mattresses you can choose to buy.

  • Foam cot mattress: This is the least expensive of all types of mattresses. Easy to maintain and clean. These mattresses provide good support to your baby. But they tend to lose shape over time; hence, it is better for only short-term use.
  • Spring or pocket spring cot mattress: The costliest type of cot mattress but also the best. These are very supportive, durable, and breathable. They’re usually made of spring coil core with comfort top layers. Some of them are also dual-sided, with one side firm for infants and the other side soft for toddlers.
  • Coir or natural coconut fibre cot: These all-natural cot mattresses have a core of coconut fibre with natural latex or foam comfort layer. They are breathable, firm and durable.
  • Hypoallergenic: Several of the cot mattresses now available are hypoallergenic. They come treated against bacteria or dust mites to keep your baby healthy. Though this would add to your cost, it helps you to keep allergies away.

Wrapping Up

Every parent wants the best for their baby. Sleep health is crucial for newborns as it helps in their growth and development. With our compilation and guide to choosing the best cot mattress in the UK for your little one, we hope we have been of some help. 

Now, you are just a step away from offering a good night’s sleep to the apple of your eye. 

Eve cot mattress

Eve Cot Mattress

Our Top Pick!

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