UK's Best Day Beds of 2022

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When it comes to versatility, the day bed is perhaps the ultimate piece of furniture. Not only do they make any room that little bit more luxurious, but they are also super practical. Day beds can be used when guests stay the night or be used as daytime seating. Not to mention they are the perfect place to curl up with a book or taking a quick nap.

Because daybeds are so versatile, we ask a lot from them. They have to be comfortable to sleep on, but not so soft that sitting becomes hard work. They also have to look stylish, be small enough to not dominate a room like a sofa, but they must be big enough to lie down on. It’s a lot to consider. 

So, as lockdown continues and napping becomes a national sport, we’ve found the best day beds in the UK for 2022. 

Buyers Guide: Factors to consider when buying a day bed

There are several important things to consider when it comes to picking the right day bed. We’ve broken it down into crucial factors so you can trust that we really have found the best daybeds in Britain. 

  • Mattress: This is a two-fold test. Because daybeds can function as seating and as a bed, the mattress needs to be comfortable enough to provide a good night’s sleep without needing a chiropractor the next day. However, it also needs to be firm enough that sitting down on it during the day is also comfortable and easy.
  • Size: Day beds are not as large as actual beds and, unlike sofas, are not usually the centrepiece of the room. This means some day beds can be slender in size or short in length. However, we’ve only selected day beds that are big enough for someone to actually sleep on but don’t take up the whole room.
  • Extended: We’ve also looked at some which have a pull-out feature meaning they can be transformed into double or even king-size beds. We’ve considered how easy it is to pull out the mattress as well as the look and comfort of the extended bed.
  • Style: Just because a day bed is a practical piece of furniture doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Day beds should be stylish without looking clunky. Day beds range from the incredibly stylish to the downright plain and boring.
  • Storage: Day beds are super convenient to provide an extra sleeping spot when you are tight on space. Some go above and beyond this and include extra draws and additional storage spaces. We’ve looked at the amount of storage space (if any at all!) and how easy it is to access this on a regular basis.
  • Durability: Plenty of day beds look plush and use fancy materials but do not wear well. Day beds should be sturdy and made of materials that can stand the test of time. The frame should be solid wood or iron. Other metals, composite wood, and wicker are less robust. The upholstery should also be able to withstand regular use as a bed. Some soft furnishings just won’t last if used as a bed regularly. 

And of course, we measure all these factors against the price to make sure that not only is the day bed good quality, but it also doesn’t cost a fortune.


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The Best Day Beds in the UK – Ranked and Reviewed

1. Habitat Home Tamara Day Bed with Trundle & 2 Mattresses  – Editor’s Pick


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Of all the daybeds we’ve researched, this one from Habitat really stands out. The design is a classic shape that can be styled to fit any room. The tall sides and back make it exceptionally comfortable when it’s being used as a sofa, unlike other styles without back support. The upholstered back and sides make it feel like a real, high-quality sofa. At over two meters in length, the bed is long enough for even a tall adult to enjoy lying down. 

If you need extra lying down space for two people, this nifty little daybed has an easy-to-use trundle bed feature that pulls out to form a second bed. One person has already discovered how much of a difference a good daybed can make;

The Tamara day bed turned a bedroom into a very usable second lounge and bedroom. The grey covering is a practical colour and the bed and trundle are both full size single beds. With the addition of a few cushions, the day bed becomes a comfortable sofa.”

The daybed comes with both single mattresses included. However, if you want to use your own mattresses, this daybed takes two single mattresses. The mattresses themselves are super comfy and not too hard, combined with the sprung wooden slats; it feels like a real bed, so you can actually enjoy a good night’s sleep. The sturdy slats can take up to 110kg, so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing. 

Setting the bed up is super easy and can be done in minutes. However, it does require two people, so enlist the help of a friend before setting it up. The bed comes with a full-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 95% approval rating from previous buyers. We aren’t the only ones who love it! 

Final Verdict: At £450, this daybed has a lot to offer. It’s stylish, easy to set up and use, and converts quickly to provide a bed for two. If you seriously want to use your daybed as a sofa in the day, this one has all the support you need. 

2. Zodiac Velvet Day Bed – Best Splurge


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When it comes to luxurious design, high-quality materials, and beautiful detailing, this daybed from Zodiac tops our list. The bed frame is made of a padded mink crushed velvet fabric, giving an incredibly plush feel. 

It’s super soft and comfortable, and the button detailing adds extra style points. But the stylish design doesn’t mean this day bed is less practical. At 222cm long, it fits a large adult, and with a trundle bed addition, you can quickly add a second sleeping bed as well as using the main daybed. 

Unfortunately, the trundle is not as high as the main frame meaning this doesn’t function as a real double bed. But it is easily large enough to fit two people overnight. One Brit who already loves their Zodiac bed said, 

“Great stylish day bed. Delivery was prompt and the bed is comfortable as well as attractive.”

This daybed’s downside is that mattresses are not included in the price, making it a bit of a splurge. The mattresses should have a depth of at least 22cm to avoid gaps. The daybed does come with instructions about what size mattress you need to purchase. 

The velvet might seem a little impractical for regular use, but it is a hard-wearing, wipe-clean fabric that stands up to daily use. There are also free returns, so if you don’t love it, you don’t need to worry!

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a luxurious yet functional unit, this plush daybed has everything you need. The only drawback would be if you want to use your daybed as a double bed, the trundle bed is lower than the main frame.

3. Comfy Living Classic Stunning White Metal Day Bed with Trundle and Mattresses – Best Budget Combo


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Let’s get right down to it – the best aspect of this bed is that the trundle feature pulls up to the same height as the main frame giving you a perfect double bed. If you need an additional double bed but don’t really have space, this is the daybed you need. 

The main mattress is a standard 3ft single and 17cm deep, which comes included, as does the single trundle bed mattress. The comfort is described as medium-firm, so if you like a super soft mattress, this may not be for you. Both the main bed and the trundle bed have slotted slats to provide a good level of support for sleeping. 

The daybed’s design is super sleek and simple, meaning it can be styled to fit any room. The frame is over 2meteres long and just under one meter wide. It’s made of white metal, so it is super durable and can be used daily without damage. If you do notice any damage, you’ve got a year’s warranty. 

After purchase, the bed needs to be assembled but is super easy and light so it can be put up quickly. It also comes with a full set of instructions and the tools you’ll need so you won’t face any issues. When purchasing this daybed, the only thing you should consider is that the metal sides and back are not the comfiest for using as a sofa and will need a considerable number of pillows and throws if you want to use it as daily seating. 

Final Verdict: With a sturdy metal frame, two mattresses that form a double when needed, and priced at just over £200, this daybed is the perfect budget option. You certainly get a lot for your money without sacrificing on quality.

4. Carpet Kingdom Madison 3ft Single White Metal Day Bed – Best Pull-out Trundle Day Bed


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We get it; some trundle beds feel so flimsy that even if they say they support an adult, you just don’t want to risk it! Fear not; this steel-framed daybed has a super solid trundle attachment that feels so secure you won’t lose any sleep. The trundle can be detached entirely and used elsewhere or used with the main frame to make a double bed. 

This daybed has a really glamorous metal frame work that offers a solid base to sleep on and a great looking design. It has sprung slats for extra comfort when used as a bed and can be styled with cushions to make a practical sofa. 

The trundle bedside and headboard are beautifully designed to make this daybed a real eye-catching piece.

One UK reviewer gave it “A***.” The elegant design is super easy to assemble but does require two people. 

Final Verdict: If you want to regularly use your trundle bed for a variety of guests, this daybed offers you all the flexibility you need. It’s super sturdy, so no one will spend the night worrying if the bed is about to collapse!

5. Getlaidbeds Modern Daybed – Most Customisable


Do you hate it when you know exactly what you want, and you just can’t find it? Well, this daybed is the answer to your prayers. GetLaidBeds offers this bed with fully customisable features. You can choose the size you want, choose the color, leg style, finish, and add extras like a floating shelf that just clips on and off for convenience. 

This daybed comes in all sizes, from a small single if you are limited on space, all the way up to a super king. No matter what size daybed you are looking for, you can personally select it here. If you need an unusual size to fit an odd space, they can even make it to measure. 

The makers focus on using real wood from environmentally-friendly sources in the UK. They are so confident in their daybed; you get a massive 11 years guarantee. Most daybeds are designed for occasional use for guests or children. This daybed is so sturdy; you could use it every night and feel like you’re sleeping on a real bed. 

Final Verdict: This daybed offers everything you need and is made so solidly; it can take the weight of five adults. It does come with a price tag for larger beds of over £500, but if you regularly use your daybed, this bed pays for itself.

6. Ripvan Pine Daybed with Storage Drawers – Best Storage


This day bed sacrifices the trundle bed beneath the main frame in favour of two rather excellent storage drawers. The drawers are placed on wheels for ease of use. The drawer size is 85x53x16cm meaning there is plenty of space for larger, bulkier items. The bed itself is 98x202x97cm, making it suitable for both kids and adults. 

The daybed itself is super sturdy as it is made of beautiful Scandinavian pine, giving it a fresh, modern look. The base fits a standard 3ft single mattress, which is not included in the price. 

The solid panel sides and back make this an excellent daybed for use in the seated sofa position. However, you would need plenty of throw cushions, pillows, and throws to make it extra comfortable. The slats are a little thin for regular use by adults, but the company offers extra-wide slats if you expect your daybed to be used by adults. All in all, it’s a very sturdy bed, and the slats give real support and increased levels of comfort.  One online reviewer who bought this for their child said,

I just want to say that we’d go straight out and buy the same again if we needed one!”

Made in the UK using wood sourced sustainably in the UK, this daybed offers a solid frame that will stand up to even daily use. Another fantastic fact about this company is there is no plastic packaging or plastic straps. When you receive your bed, it will come packed in fully recyclable cardboard, so you not only get a great piece of furniture with extra storage, you’re also making a good choice for the environment. 

Final Verdict:  Great storage, a sturdy frame, environmental company, and decent side rails mean this is perfect for adding to a kid’s bedroom. The wood is reliable and can be painted to match or left natural for a fresh look.

7. Milan Bed Company Madrid Day Bed & Underbed – Best Solid Wood


If you’re looking for a quality day bed made from real wood, this Madrid day bed from the Milan Bed Company is your best bet. The design is super sleek and high quality, making it really comfortable as a sofa and bed. 

This day bed is so well designed it wouldn’t look out of place in your living room as your main sofa. The frame headboard height is over 1m high, and the bed itself is over 2 meters long, offering unparalleled support both as a sofa and a bed. Reviews give it the full five stars!

This company also offers help with assembly, not to mention they can take away your old bed frame and mattress to save you the trouble. You can narrow down the delivery to the exact hour you want it, and you can pick a payment option to suit your finances. 

Best of all, this day bed comes with a stored trundle bed, which can be used at a lower height or totally separated to create two single beds or can be pulled out entirely to make a double bed. 

Final Verdict: Stylish, easy to use, and flexible options make this real-wood bed one of our favourite. At almost £400 of solid wood, it’s a real investment piece that you’ll love and use for years. 

8. Garden Daybed with Cushions – Best Outdoors


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When it comes to outside daybeds, you’ve got to be sure the material can withstand the natural elements including the rainy British weather. This daybed is made of faux PE rattan. This means it can last outside without becoming damaged and will withstand the damp. If it doesn’t wear as well as the promise, there is a five-year protection plan available alongside the 2-year limited warranty. 

This daybed comes with a sunshade, so you can lounge around outside without getting burnt on days when it isn’t raining. The fabric shade is retractable and matches the cushions and mattress.

The soft furnishings are made of a polyester blend, making them comfortable and durable. They are fully detachable, and while they can withstand a quick shower, we’d recommend bringing them in in a storm. Although everything is wipe-clean, so it isn’t the end of the world if they get wet and dirty. 

While this bed makes an excellent napping spot, the longest length is just 133cm across, meaning it isn’t ideal for a fully-grown adult to stretch out without feet hanging off the end. Having said that, it’s plenty deep enough for sprawling out and enjoying the nice weather. From the top of the canopy to the floor it’s 160cm tall.  One reviewer summed it up by saying, 

This was my lockdown present to myself so I could relax outside in the sunshine. It is truly the best thing I ever did. It’s so comfortable I feel I could sleep on it at night! The shade is perfect in the midday sun but you can drop it down when it’s cooler. Very classy looking ultra comfy I can not recommend it enough.”

Final Verdict: The comfy cushions and mattress make this the ultimate outdoor daybed. However, the size and wipe-clean material mean it is exactly that; a daybed, not one for overnight guests. 

9. DORAFAIR Metal Daybed and Trundle Frame Set – Best Bargain


At under £100, this daybed really is a bargain. It comes in white or black with a sturdy metal frame, which is surprisingly durable for such a slim design. The paint on the frame adds another layer of protection against rust and damage so you can wipe it clean and still expect it to last. 

The elegant design is simple and can be styled to fit almost any room from period to contemporary. The high back makes an excellent headboard and backrest but would need some additional padding if you want to use it as a sofa regularly. At just under 2 meters long, it’s slightly on the short side, but more than long enough to fit an average-sized adult. 

The daybed comes with two options; one for the main bed and a second for the pull-out trundle bed. The trundle option can be tucked easily into the main frame or pulled out to make a full-size double bed. Both parts take standard 90cm single mattresses, which are not included. 

This bed also offers under-bed storage as the lower trundle bed is still raised almost 13inches off the ground. However, it doesn’t come with storage drawers or boxes. Despite this, online reviewers have given this daybed almost 150 five-star reviews. 

Final Verdict: you can’t really go wrong for under £100. This daybed offers a massive amount of bang for your buck, even if you have to buy the mattresses separately.

Wrapping Up

There is a surprising amount of things to think about when choosing your perfect daybed. A daybed is such a versatile piece of furniture, which means you need to get it right. Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into the best day beds in the UK market. Now you can find something suitably stylish and comfortable to transform your space. 

Want more info on daybeds before you buy? Get in touch below and we’ll help you out. 

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