Best Divan Beds & Divan Bases in the UK

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Is your bedroom feeling a bit cramped? Maybe a bit more storage would make it feel a lot more organised. Maybe you’re just ready to give it an all-new look. Whatever the case may be, a divan bed is a great place to start! Loved by brits the country over for their modern, ergonomic design, their built-in storage and their exceptional value, divan bed can help you find more floor space and give your home an extra touch of elegance.

Even more important than that form factor, buying a divan bed can also mean getting a better night’s sleep, since many sets include various kinds of high-quality mattresses. But if you’ve already got a great mattress at home, not to worry, our review has you covered with recommendations for standalone divan bases as well!

But what’s a good use of your quid and where should you look? Not to worry, we’ve scoured the entire UK (or at least most of the internet) to find the best divan bed for your money. Resting easy is about to get a whole lot easier.

But First: What is a Divan Bed?

A divan bed typically refers to a bed set that includes a tall base for your mattress to sit on. These bases typically include built-in storage, like slide-out drawers, that push in flat to the base. This gives your bedroom great additional storage while taking up minimal space for your mattress.

The other great thing about divan beds is they usually come in a complete set, including the base, the mattress, and often great additions like a headboard or an ottoman. They’re a fantastic way to furnish or refresh a room without emptying out your pocketbook.


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Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Consider When Buying A Divan Bed

Our list of top buys includes all the important features you’ll want to consider before purchasing your bed. Here’s a few of the most crucial features you might want to familiarize yourself with first:


In the UK, most beds come in six standard sizes, measured by width:

  • Small Single (2’6) – Best for young children or a smaller guest room
  • Single (3’0) – A cozy fit for a single adult sleeper
  • Small Double (4’0) – More room for a single sleeper, great for larger guest rooms
  • Double (4’6) – Fits two adults comfortably
  • King (5’0) – Plenty of room for two adults with added leg room
  • Super King (6’0) – Great for couples who really like to spread out (or often joined by pets and little ones)

Because divan bases maintain a very minimal profile, you may be able to spring for a slightly larger size without sacrificing too much floor space. Be sure to take proper room measurements before making your purchase!

Type of Mattress

Divan Beds often come complete with a mattress, with several common types to choose from:

  • Open Coil Spring – The age-old classic, the kind most Brits probably grew up sleeping on
  • Pocket spring – Similar to an open coil, but reduces bounciness by separating the springs into smaller groups
  • Memory Foam – These mattresses mold to fit your body and typically feel more form-fitting
  • Pillow Top/Memory Foam Top – Typically a spring mattress with a thinner layer of pillow top or memory foam, providing a great middle ground between the two

The type of mattress you choose is completely up to personal preference or any particular support needs you may have.


One of the biggest benefits to buying a divan bed is the incredible built-in storage they offer, turning one of your bulkiest pieces of furniture into an incredible space saver.

The most common configurations of storage options are:

  • 2 Drawer Base
  • 4 Drawer Base
  • End Drawer Base
  • Sliding Door Compartments
  • Ottoman Storage Base

Many combinations of drawers, and slides are available in the UK. Be sure to consider your space needs, the position of your divan bed in the room, and what areas of the room a drawer would be most accessible from.

Headboard Options

Headboards mostly come in two types: smaller ones with supporting legs, and larger headboards that extend all the way to the floor. Whether you get a headboard or not is completely up to your design preference and budget, but be sure it will also fit through your doorways.

The UK’s Best Divan Beds of 2022 - Ranked & Reviewed

1. Crushed Velvet Divan Bed Set  – Editor’s Pick


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The first thing about this set that will stand out is the stylish crushed velvet finish. Paired with the included pleated headboard, it’s sure to make a statement in any room with both bold and neutral tones to choose from.

But this bed isn’t just all looks! The mattress is an open spring design topped with a generous 10” layer of memory foam, giving you that wonderful feeling of sinking into the bed without compromising on support. If you like medium-firm mattresses, you’ll be hard-pressed to get off this one.

The bases also come in multiple configurations, so your storage should be easily accessible in any room layout. You’ll find the drawer options to be quite spacious, with the double-drawers each being able to fit two pillows quite easily. This divan bed also earned top marks from buyers on ease of assembly. As an added bonus, these beds are made right here in Britain, so shipping and delivery are headache-free. Although there does not appear to be any kind of manufacturer warranty, this set should qualify for Amazon’s 14-day return policy.

This complete divan bed retails for £179.99 – £389.99, depending on your size and options, and has nearly 700 five-star reviews. Many of them commented on the quality, comfort, and ease of assembly. Here’s a great example from a verified purchaser:

Mrs. S. Mitchell (Verified Purchase) Excellent customer service and delivery. Bed is great value for money, looks lovely and all drawers work fine. The velour base really makes a difference as means you can leave it on show because to put a valance sheet on souls restrict the drawer usage. Would most definitely buy another, good purchase.

Final Verdict: For most Divan Beds in this price range, you have to decide if you want build quality, comfort, or function. This set gives you all three and tops it off with a stylish material finish to boot. If you were hoping for something a little less flashy, maybe keep scrolling, but if you want to add a little flair to your bedroom, this is an unbeatable choice.

2. Bed Centre Ziggy Grey Plush Memory Foam Divan Bed Set – Best Value


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Ranging from £224.95-£399.99 for a complete divan bed set, you’ll most likely be hard-pressed to find a better value anywhere in the UK. Right away, you’ll notice the plush, matching tufted headboard that wouldn’t feel out of place in a luxury hotel. This set might only come in one colour, but it’s a smart one with matching polished metal accents that will elevate the look of any room it’s in.

Tucked away in the sleek divan base are four slide-out drawers that stretch nearly end to end on both sides. You’ll easily be able to fit any spare bedding or other bulky items underneath with room to spare!

This divan bed set comes complete with a hand-tufted sprung mattress with a lush memory foam top. Any Brit looking for a firmer mattress will absolutely love the way this one supports all your pressure points and keeps you sleeping all night comfortably.

There does not appear to be a manufacturer’s warranty on this set either, but it should also be covered by Amazon’s 14-day return policy.

You could easily spend twice as much on a complete divan bed and not have as much quality and comfort for your money. Scroll through the 900+ five-star reviews and you’ll see just about everyone is gobsmacked by the value and ease of assembly. 

Here’s what one verified buyer had to say:

Mike (Verified Purchase) – Very happy with this bed. For the money it doesn’t get much better than this. When there are beds similar out there for double this money. You would be mad to go anywhere else.

Final Verdict: We can’t believe a king size divan looks and feels this good for under £300. Sleepers wanting a softer mattress may need to pass this one up, but anyone else looking for a complete divan bed will get a lot for their money here.

3. ComfoRest Innovation Leader Complete Divan Bed Set – Best Complete Set with an Ottoman box


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If you’d really like to have the added storage and sitting space of an ottoman stool in your bedroom, this is simply one of the best options on the market. For only £329.99-£459.99 (depending on size) you get a complete divan bed, including the ottoman, the base, the mattress, and the headboard.

This is another great looking divan bed, with a matching tufted finish on both the headboard and the ottoman that gives the whole thing a reserved yet refined touch. The upholstery is a rich Naples velvet, complemented nicely by the polished metal accents and crystal inlays within the tufts.

One of the big draws of adding an ottoman to a divan bed is the added storage, and reviewers say this one has it in spades. The bed itself has two slide-out drawers, which can be configured to either side of the bed, one that’s great for extra linens and pillows, and a smaller one that’s the perfect size for your night clothes or other odds and ends. The ottoman itself does not disappoint either, with a deep interior that’s easy to access thanks to a tasteful velvet tab attached to the top.

There does not appear to be a manufacturer’s warranty, but this set should also be covered by Amazon’s 14-day return policy. Reviewers also recommend that you can skip hiring an assembly service, this one just clips together in a few minutes!

The included mattress is also a winner, featuring an open coil design topped with 10 inches of memory foam. The mattress is medium firm and very supportive. To date, it has racked up 17 reviews at an average of 4.6 stars. In fact, we might have to coax one Amazon reviewer to get out of theirs:

Midnight Shopper (Verified Purchase) – You get a lot of bed for your buck!! I had concerns that quality may be lacking with the bargain price point but I was so wrong!! Solid construction, quality finish, sumptuous fabrics, and the bonus of an ottoman just topped off the deal. Fab mattress. Obviously a little assembly needed but very straight forward. Have slept like a dream every night since. Highly recommended!

Final Verdict: ComfoRest is offering a complete divan bed with an ottoman for a better price than most sets that don’t include one. This is a great buy for any brit with serious storage needs, or needing a little something extra to fill out a larger room.

4. Ortho Royale Orthopaedic Divan Bed Set – Best Orthopedic


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The Ortho Royale is one of the best divan bed options available for anyone who suffers from chronic back or joint pain. The set features a high-quality, 25cm thick open coil mattress that is best suited to relieving discomfort by supporting your pressure points and evenly dispersing your weight. It also features breathable air vents that run along the sides of the mattress, making sure you stay comfortable, cool, and dry throughout the night.

But getting an orthopedic mattress doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on looks or features. The Ortho Royale is a highly customizable divan bed, offering both suede and cotton finishes in a wide array of colours to perfectly complement your home decor. And if you want to spring for the added headboard, there are over 27 matching options to choose from! The price ranges from £284.97 to £799.97, depending on which features and add-ons you select.

The Ortho Royale is no slouch when it comes to storage either. There are nine configurations to choose from, including one that turns your entire bed into a hinged ottoman. The more traditional drawer options can be located on either the front or the sides of the bed and can hold up to 15kg each.

The Ortho Royale is made right here in the UK and each customized bed is rigorously inspected before shipping, so you can rest assured that you’re being delivered the right bed without damages or issues. Once your set arrives, Happy Beds says it should only take about 5 minutes to assemble, thanks to simple hardware.

This bed has certainly earned its name, with hundreds of verified reviews from customers who fell in love with their purchases. Here’s a great example:

Aimee (Verified Review) – For the price, we’re blown away. The comfort and the style and look of the bed is everything we wanted and more. We were nervous that it being so good price wise, the product wouldn’t match the description. But we’re so pleased! Delivery was quick, we did order a super king so thankful we finally managed to get it up the stairs.

This bed set comes with a 15 day return policy and a 5-year quality guarantee.

Final Verdict: Orthopedic beds can feel like a niche market when it comes to buying options. We love the Ortho Royale divan bed because it comes with a supportive mattress along with a solid frame without sacrificing any customization.

5. Memory Flex Memory Foam Orthopaedic Divan Bed Set – Best Memory Foam


If you like the sensation of memory foam, but want something with more firmness, then look no further! The Memory Flex Memory Foam Orthopaedic divan bed features an open coil mattress topped with a subtle 4cm layer of premium memory foam, giving you that wonderful form-fitting feeling while also providing substantial support and pressure relief. This is an excellent medium-firm mattress without feeling too rigid. The built-in air vents on the side also keep the memory foam layer from getting too hot throughout your sleep.

Another great feature of this mattress is the double Jersey exterior. This is a crafted blend of wool, cotton, and other synthetics that is known for its durability, without making your bed feel too hot or scratchy. The Memory Flex is built to go the distance, which is why Happy Beds includes a Five Year Guarantee on your purchase.

This divan bed base boasts all the same great customization features as the Ortho Royale, including 9 storage configurations, multiple colorways for both cotton and suede finishes, and dozens of optional headboards. You can also opt for smaller drawers, or none at all if you would prefer a thinner base. The price ranges from £244.98 to £849.97, depending on your selections. This set also boasts a quick 5-minute assembly before it’s sleep ready.

This bed is turning first-time buyers into repeat customers. Here’s what one of several dozen verified reviewer had to say about the Memory Flex:

Keith Shackleford (Verified Review) – Ordered a bed and mattress, fantastic quality and fantastic value for money. The customer service i have received has been superb on both occasions i have ordered from Happy beds, can’t recommend them highly enough and will only buy from Happy beds in the future.

Final Verdict: Like the Ortho Royale, you’re getting a specialized memory foam mattress plus a solid customisable divan bed base.

6. Balmoral 3500 Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Divan Bed – Best Pocket Sprung


Anyone who constantly tosses and turns in their sleep (or are stuck sleeping with someone who does), should definitely consider the Balmoral 3500 Pocket Sprung Memory Foam divan bed. Because pocket springs are designed to move independently from one another, you and your sleeping partner can move around as much as you want without disturbing one another. Combined with a 30mm layer of memory foam on the top, you’ll still receive the great joint support and pressure point relief you’d expect from a traditional open coil mattress.

Paired with the layer of memory foam is another layer of sturdy reflex foam. This foam reacts to your body in a similar way, but offers added support and stores less heat than traditional memory foam. Combined with the added air vents on the side, this is the perfect mattress for anyone who feels like they’re overheating in the middle of the night.

This bed offers all the brilliant customization options for fabric, colour, storage, depth, and add-on headboards as the Memory Flex and Ortho Royale, so you’ll have no trouble creating a divan bed that is exactly to your liking. Your final price will range from £289.98 to £939.97 depending on size and selection and will be backed by Happy Bed’s five-year guarantee policy. 

Reviewers have been shocked by how closely their finished bed matched the photos online:

Rebecca Over (Verified Review) – Absolutely love this bed, when choosing the design on the website, the bed looks the same when assembled! Very happy!

Final Verdict: The pocket spring and memory foam are a winning combo, both in terms of comfort and neutralizing movement. If you don’t specifically want a pocket spring mattress, you may get more for your money with other options on this list. Otherwise, it’s an excellent choice for restless sleepers and their partners.

7. Luxury Zip & Link Divan Bed Set – Best Zip Link Divan Bed


If you and your bedmate are two of many brits looking for an even more individualized sleeping experience, then you should consider this Zip & Link divan bed set.

There are several reasons why more and more brits are going for zip & link beds. Firstly, they offer the flexibility to have a full-size bed and separate single beds by merely unzipping the mattresses. Secondly, it’s an excellent option for couples who prefer different types of mattresses. As Zip & link beds are essentially made of two mattresses, couples can select the mattress type and firmness individually while still enjoying the same bed.

For added comfort and individualized sleeping experiences, this zip & link mattress set features 1500 pocket springs, and is finished in a premium Belgian damask fabric. The zipper connecting the two mattresses is receded from the top of the bed, so you won’t have to worry about getting poked if you turn the wrong way.

The rest of this divan bed set is no slouch either. The base and matching headboard feature a lovely upholstered chenille finish that comes in eight different colours, and features two pull-out drawers on either side. Even with arranging the zip & link mattress, this set comes together in about 5-10 minutes.

This set does not appear to have a warranty, but it should also be covered by Amazon’s 14-day return policy.

At only £429.99 for either a King or Super King, this divan bed is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to update a spare bedroom. Not only will your guests have plenty of storage in a pinch, but this bed can also transform into two completely separate single-sized mattresses.

Here’s what one such verified reviewer had to say:

Lin (Verified Purchase) – We bought this bed for it’s versatility in our spare room – we can have it securely zipped up as a kingsize for our adult guests or as two singles for when our grandchildren sleepover. We ordered it with 2 single headboards and the colour tone was slightly different so I asked if this could be changed. The company have been prompt with both delivery and communication with me; their product is great – the mattress is very comfortable and the bed(s) look super – and I would happily buy another.

Final Verdict: This is quite easily the most niche divan bed in our review, but the utility of it certainly cannot be denied. If you could truly use a zip & link bed, this is one of the best on the market for its price point.

8. Dreams Luxury Divan Base – Best Premium Divan Base


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Maybe you already have a mattress you love, or you’ve got your eye on one in particular. The Dreams luxury divan base is the perfect premium option to add stylish storage to any bedroom set, with both 2 and 4 drawer options. It comes upholstered with a premium cotton and comes in a range of neutral colours that will make designing your own divan bed a cinch.

The included castors have a sharp look with a chrome finish, so you can easily move your bed without creating an eyesore in your decor. However, if you’d prefer more standard legs, Dreams offers a great set as an upgrade. Also available as an add-on are a wide array of headboard styles that come in the same colour options as this luxury divan base.

This is a heavy-duty base that will support any kind of mattress and comes together in about twenty minutes without fuss. It holds a commendable 4.6 star rating out of over 600 reviews, with verified purchasers having plenty to say about the quality build:

Laura UK (Verified Purchaser) – I love this divan base. It is sturdy and the drawers provide some much needed storage space (I can fit two pillows in one drawer). It is simple to put the divan together although if there are two of you it will be easier as you need to lift it up to attach the castors. The finished divan looks very smart.

This base retails for £200 or £240 with the fixed legs and is backed by Dreams’ 14 day return policy and a one-year guarantee.

Final Verdict: If you already have a mattress and have a bit more room in your budget, we think you’ll see the benefit of springing for the luxury base. Unless you just really hate the look of castors on your bed, we’d skip the upgraded legs.

9. Classic Divan Base – Best Budget Base


If you want to upgrade your bedroom with a divan bed without breaking the bank, the Dreams classic divan base is an excellent quality option at an unbeatable price. In addition to offering spacious 2-drawer and 4-drawer options, you can also choose a sliding door option that turns nearly the entire base into accessible storage. There are 4 neutral fabric finishes to choose from, and should you want to upgrade your bed set later on, Dreams has plenty of matching headboards to choose from.

This base should only take about 20 minutes for 2 people to unbox and set up and like it’s deluxe cousin is backed by a 14-day return policy and a one-year guarantee.

At only £120, don’t let the price of the unit deter you, the build quality and material is simply excellent, and will safely hold even a heavy memory foam mattress. The included castor wheels are also quite sturdy and will make moving your mattress out of the way for those deep room cleanings a breeze.

The product’s reviews speak for themselves, with nearly 3500 happy customers giving it an average rating of 4.7 stars.

“M Stewart (Verified Purchaser) – Great space saver with 4 drawers. Very strong base, well constructed and finished with quality materials.

Final Verdict: Pound for pound, we think the Dreams classic divan base is the best value option in the UK market. With over thousands of positive reviews under its belt, we believe it’s a no-brainer for anyone looking for a solid divan bed base.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right divan bed can be a complex decision, having to factor between comfort, practically, and looks. Our recommendations above are all about giving you the best quality and value for your money, so you can focus on choosing the best option for your home and sleep needs. 

So give your room another once-over, roll around a bit on your current mattress, and decide what features are most important to you. Then come back here for your comprehensive review of the best divan beds in the UK market. Sweet dreams!

Got any questions about the divan beds? Drop us a line below.

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