UK’s Best Electric Blankets of 2021

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When the winter nights leave you feeling shivery, sometimes your regular duvet and blankets just don’t cut it, no matter how soft and cosy they are. If this is something you can relate to, it sounds like it’s time for you to invest in an electric blanket.

News flash! Electric blankets are no longer just for Grandma and long gone are the days when they were considered unsafe. Here in the 2021’s, electric blankets and heated throws are built with safety in mind and come with a whole host of extras that make them officially cool.

If you’re ready to have the cosiest, snuggest night’s sleep over your life, read on to find our guide to the UK’s best electric blankets, under blankets, over blankets and heated throws.


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How Did We Choose these Top Electric Blankets

If you’ve begun your research into which electric blanket you’ll be purchasing, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about the wealth of choice available. That’s where we come in! As always, we’ve narrowed down the best products on the market so that your choice is made easier. 

From the super soft, to the technologically advanced, electric blankets have come a long way and we’re pleased to be able to share our top picks with you. If you’re a complete electric blanket and heated throw novice, be sure to check out our Buyers Guide below for everything you need to know.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider when buying Electric Blankets

1) Type

  • Electric blankets are designed to fit over your mattress, much like a fitted sheet. They usually come with a skirt, which can be tucked underneath the mattress to ensure that your electric blanket stays put all night long.
  • Heated throws are perfect if you’re looking for something to keep you extra cosy while you’re cuddling up on the sofa or to drape over your bed. Keeping you warm wherever you are in the house, heated throws are the portable alternative to an electric blanket.

2) Size

Your electric blanket or under blanket should match the size of your bed. If you own a king size bed, you’ll need a king size electric blanket. The blanket should fit conveniently over your mattress and not move during the night.

If you’re looking for a heated throw or over blanket, the size will depend on your personal preference and whether you plan on sharing your new blanket with someone else.

3) Material

Most commonly, electric blankets and heated throws are made from fleece. In fact, every one of our top picks, except one, are of the fleecy variety. Fleece is a highly breathable fabric, plus it’s lightweight, machine washable and quick drying.

4) Special features

While some electric blankets will simply keep your body warm until they’re switched off, others have special features, which usually come with a higher price tag. From dual controls, so you and your partner can enjoy different temperatures, to extra settings just to heat your feet, why not tailor your electric blanket to your needs?

Top-rated Electric Blankets in the UK: Reviewed & Rated

1. Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control – Editor’s pick (safest)


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Have you been depriving yourself of an electric blanket because you’ve been told they’re unsafe? Well, we’re here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. As a general rule, by taking care of your blanket and keeping an eye out for signs of wear, any danger is eradicated.

However, some electric blankets, like the Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control, come with extra safety features, so that you always have peace of mind. Its timer feature means that you have full control over when your electric blanket switches off, so that you can drift off to sleep without a worry. Safety sorted.

While we’re on the subject of nifty technology, the larger sizes of this Homefront Electric Blanket allow you to share the warmth with someone else, while you both enjoy a different heat setting. If you like to be super toasty, while your partner is prone to overheating, simply use the provided controllers to create two individual climates.

So, what are people saying about this electric blanket? It seems that those who like to be extra warm may be disappointed, as this blanket’s maximum temperature seems to be a little lower than required for some reviewers:

Whilst I really like the blanket. I find that it takes ages to warm up and I need to use it on the highest setting 9 as I tend to feel quite cold.’

However, some customers were more than happy with the temperature, so it’s all down to personal preference.

The price of this electric blanket is average and we’re impressed that they offer a double size, which is often not the case. When it comes to warranty, it isn’t specified that it is offered, but Amazon’s 30-day refund policy covers you if you change your mind.

Final Verdict:

If you’re a safety conscious shopper, this one’s for you. The Homefront Electric Blanket offers an extra element of safety in the form of a timer control which allows you to pre-programme when your blanket switches off. There are some customer concerns that the temperature isn’t high enough, but not everyone wants a blanket to cook themselves in. 

2. Mylek Electric Blanket – Exceptional value


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We are so impressed with the price of the Mylek Electric Blanket. It wouldn’t be unusual to pay upwards of £100 for a super king size electric blanket, but thanks to the exceptional value of this product, warmer nights don’t have to cost so much.

To top off the exceptional value, this blanket even comes with some nifty ways to keep you extra comfortable, including a foot warmth setting. This means you can change the temperature of the blanket at your feet to be warmer than the part of the blanket covering your body. Genius!

What’s more, like some of the other, more expensive electric blankets on this list, the Mylek Electric Blanket comes with dual controls, so you and your blanket buddy can enjoy different temperatures, should you wish.

The reviews of this product rave about how brilliant it is and there are plenty of comments on expressing joyful surprise at how inconspicuous the wires inside the blanket are. It’s as if this blanket is powered by magic!

‘The reason I have bought three of these is that you cannot feel the wires. You would not know that it was a heated blanket/fleece!! All over warmth settings; no strings to attach, just the fitted skirt. I even got one for the spare bed too as guests can be averse to electric blankets because of wires leaving an impression.

We have just one niggle. While the Mylek Electric Blanket claims that you’ll be able to enjoy its high-quality for ‘years to come,’ there doesn’t seem to be any warranty on the product, which is a shame.

Final Verdict:

We think that the Mylek Electric Blanket offers fantastic value for money, particularly if you’re purchasing the king or super king size. Its features match a lot of the blanket’s more expensive competitors and the review section on Amazon is full of satisfied customers.

3. Sweet Dreams Electric Blanket – Prestige Plush dual control – Luxury pick (softest)


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We don’t know about you, but when we’re in the market for a blanket of any kind, only ones as soft as a cloud will do. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a little luxury, the Sweet Dreams Electric Blanket promises a premium sleeping experience.

With its quilted design and double-lined thickness, this electric blanket not only looks great, but feels amazing to sleep on. The price is a treat too and we’re excited to say that our luxury pick isn’t the most expensive item on our list of the UK’s best electric blankets.

There’s a good range of sizes available and bed-sharers will rejoice to know that our softest blanket pick also has dual controls. Simply use your side’s individual controller to select which heat setting you’d like and lay back to enjoy a toasty night’s sleep.

A reviewer on does have a small complaint about the buttons on the controllers – it seems that they are a little loud:

The item feels lovely. Shame buttons are so noisy to press. I wake my partner up each time I change the settings during the night. Apart from that, the product is great.

This isn’t the cheapest option, especially if you need one of the larger sizes, but we think the incredible softness of this blanket is worth the price. If you do change your mind, you have 30 days to return the blanket.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for an electric blanket with that premium feel, this is it. The Sweet Dreams Electric Blanket is as soft as a cloud and has double lined thickness to keep you extra comfortable in bed. We think the higher price point for the larger blanket sizes are definitely worth the investment.

4. Silentnight Fleecy Electric Blanket & Smart Plug – Best smart electric blanket


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Hold tight, because we may be about to blow you away with our best smart electric blanket pick. The Silentnight Fleecy Electric Blanket & Smart Plug Is 2020’s answer to a warmer night’s sleep and we think you’ll be impressed.

You can now add your electric blanket to the list of things in your home that you can control with your phone and Amazon’s Alexa device. Simply use the Silent Night app or link your blanket to your home assistant and you’ll barely need to lift a finger when you want to heat up your bed. Alexa, turn on my electric blanket’ will be your new favourite thing to say.

Amazon customers seem to find this feature really useful:

‘My wife loves it, connected it to a Wi-fi controlled socket, so she can have it warm and ready for bed. Then also able to get it to turn off after half hour in bed.’

The blanket is made out of super snuggly teddy fleece, which helps trap heat and provides a layer of unmatched comfort. Thoughtfully, Silent Night have also ensured that there is small amount of excess material at the edges of the blanket, so that it sits flat across the bed. We like the attention to detail here.

So, let’s talk money. Yes, this is an expensive product in comparison to other electric blankets on the market. At almost £100, no matter what size you purchase, it’s something that you want to be sure about before you buy. This probably isn’t an ‘on a whim’ purchase. However, if you’ve been on the market for an electric blanket for a while and you’re ready to invest, we think you’ll be highly satisfied with this gem. Plus, the electricity needed to power it will cost you under one penny a night, which is much cheaper than central heating. 

Also – hello warranty! This is the only electric blanket pick on our list that comes with three years warranty and that is definitely something to shout about. This is real peace of mind that you’re buying a reliable product.

Final Verdict:

The convenience of being able to use Alexa or your phone to control the Silentnight Fleecy Electric Blanket & Smart Plug really makes this product stand out amongst the rest of our picks. If your budget stretches to this electric blanket, you’ll even get three years warranty thrown in.

5. Cosi Home Luxury Electric Heated Throw & Over Blanket – Best heated throw blanket


Now we move onto our top picks for heated throws and over blankets. These products are your answer to the ultimate cosy night in. Our best heated throw is the Cosi Home Luxury Electric Heated Throw & Over Blanket, which comes in four beautiful colours, so you can match it to your room décor.

This heated blanket has a generous nine different heat settings for you to play with, so you can find your perfect temperature. If you’re enjoying being snuggled up under the blanket in bed, you can even set the off-timer for your bedtime, so that you can fall asleep without having to worry about turning the blanket off.

Customers on Amazon, who have really done their research, commented on how brilliantly the Cosi Home Luxury Electric Heated Throw & Over Blanket performs, compared to its competitors:

‘I read every review for every heated throw going and this one seemed to come out on top. A lot of them appear to stop working after a few months. I’m happy to say this one is excellent! Very soft, heats nicely (feels subtle at first but it does get going) and feels well made. Would buy again and that’s all you really need to know!

When it comes to the price, this heated throw is a little pricier than a lot of the other throws on the market. However, if you’re willing to pay a premium for quality, which the reviews suggest you will get, then it’s a winner if you ask us. We also think that this product would make an excellent gift for a loved one who gets cold easily or likes to keep cosy.

Our only small complaint is that this heated throw only comes in an extra-large size. It would be great to have seen some other size options for people who are looking for a smaller blanket.

Final Verdict:

If a heated throw is more of your kind of vibe and you’re happy to pay extra for the perks of a premium product, choose the Cosi Home Luxury Electric Heated Throw & Over Blanket. The turn-off timer is really handy and it comes with a good variety of heat settings, so that you can tailor the throw’s comfort level to your needs.

6. MVPower Heated Throw Blanket – Budget Heated Throw blanket 


If the rest of the picks on our list have been a little out of your budget and you are still looking for something large, heated and soft to warm the winter nights, the highly reviewed MVPower Heated Throw Blanket may be just the ticket.

At 180cm x 130cm, this heated throw is actually larger than our other throw pick, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to cover a large bed. Plus, there are six temperature settings, which is very impressive, considering this is our budget pick.

To keep you safe and your power usage down, the MVPower Heated Throw Blanket will shut itself off after 180 minutes. With this peace of mind, your sleep will be peaceful and there’ll be no chance of you overheating during the night. Customers on Amazon seem to be really impressed by the quality of the MVPower Heated Throw Blanket:

‘Wanted to wait a while before i wrote a review, our house is always freezing so i got this for my mum, I was a bit sceptical at first having seen some of the ones from the likes of Argos but gave it a go anyway. This blanket is brilliant, well worth the money, switches off after three hours, 6 heat settings and can easily be loosely folded up and put away, so soft and washable. Would highly recommend and might even get one for myself!’

Now for the grand finale (drumroll, please). This heated blanket comes with an incredible four years warranty! We had to read it twice too. That is an impressive offering and not something that you often see with an electric blanket or heated throw.

So what’s wrong with it? Not a lot, to be honest. The only negative we could find was the lack of colour options – it only comes in navy blue, with a light grey underside. If you wanted to match your blanket with your bedding, this may not be the product for you.

Final Verdict:

This heated throw really took us by surprise. What you get is great for the price and the quality definitely rivals some of the product’s more expensive competitors. With its six heat settings, you’ll easily find a temperature that works for you and if something goes wrong, you’ll have an impressive four years warranty to keep you covered.

Wrapping Up

If you weren’t committed to getting an electric blanket or heated throw before, we bet you are now! With so many amazing products on the market, there’s a warm, cosy blanket to suit everybody’s needs and budget. We hope this guide has given you a useful insight into the UK’s best electric blankets.

Any questions? Pop them in the comments section below.

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