Best Mattress for Back Pain & Bad Back (UK)

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You feel that? That lower back pain? Maybe it’s an irritating dull ache; perhaps—and we certainly hope this isn’t the case—it’s something far more debilitating. Whatever type of back pain you may be experiencing, we want you to know that you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 80% of Brits will develop bad backs throughout the course of their lives, and that figure rises when you include neck pain sufferers too. 

Any number of things could be causing it, but one of the most common catalysts for back pain is a faulty or incorrect choice of mattress. After all, you do spend one-third of your life laying atop it. If your mattress doesn’t outright cause your back pain, there’s no question that it at least exacerbates it.

That’s why it’s essential that you choose a mattress that works in conjunction with your body to prevent, ease or neutralise the pain points you may be experiencing. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to buying a mattress for back pain. The best choice for you will be determined by your preferences, weight, sleeping style and the specific issues you’re dealing with. Someone with lower back pain, for example, won’t need the same mattress as somebody with severe neck pain problems. The spine is a complex thing; it requires experimentation to find a bed which treats it right.

Finding the perfect type of mattress for Back Pain

Luckily for you, we’ve rifled through the UK mattress market to find the best mattresses for those with neck, upper and lower back pain. All these products are available to buy in Britain right now and have been given our wholehearted seal of approval. We’ve assessed the companies and tested the products for comfort, support, durability, temperature regulation and more to find the ones which best suit you Great British bad back sufferers.

Grab an ice pack, don’t bend over too vigorously and let us show you our eight favourite mattresses for easing back pain.

Important Note: Our advice is no adequate substitute for the consultation of a medical professional. While we are passionate and have done our research, we aren’t doctors. If you’re suffering from severe or ongoing pain of any kind, you should see a doctor and receive professional medical help.


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The Best Mattresses for bad backs in the UK – Ranked and Reviewed

1. Eve Original Hybrid Mattress – Editor’s Pick


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This UK-made foam and spring hybrid mattress ticks all the boxes for helping with back pain. Boasting five internal layers alternating between comfort and support—including a zoned pocket spring system which provides varying levels of support to different areas of the body—the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress is a top pick for anyone seeking support without wanting to sacrifice comfort. It’s our editor’s favourite, and we’d be hard-pressed to find a reason to dispute them.

Starting at £519, this mattress is available in Single, Double, King and Super King sizes. We feel this is a more than reasonable price considering the amount of bang you get for your buck between this mattress’ moisture-wicking polyester covers. Starting with the patented evecomfort foam layer, the mattress follows it up with both a memory foam and a support foam layer. Underneath those three is a layer of 800, 12cm individually pocketed springs which provide just the right amount of support to your shoulders, back and hips to keep your spine aligned and prevent continued pain—whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper. Lastly, Eve has furnished the mattress’ bottom with one more foam support layer to add just a little more stability to the overall package.

Contrary to popular belief, rock-hard firmness isn’t a requirement for pain relieving mattresses. Most experts now believe that a true ‘ideal’ lies around the medium-firm region, specifically a 6.5-7 on the mattress firmness scale. The Eve Original Hybrid Mattress serves as solid proof of this, coming in at a medium-firm and thoroughly wow-ing us with its pressure relief and pain alleviating properties.

Eve may have produced an outstanding mattress, but that doesn’t mean it’ll leave you in the lurch should your experience be less-than optimal. In addition to free delivery throughout (most of) the UK, the company also offers a 100-night risk-free trial (with free collection should you choose to return it) and a 10-year warranty covering sag of 2.5cm or more. Oh, and Eve will also collect and recycle your old mattress for you for £35 with its “Deliver, Remove and Recycle” service.

Final Verdict: Hybrid mattresses are among the best for back pain and this mattress is the proof. With alternating comfort and firmness foam layers, in addition to intelligently-zoned pocket springs, this medium-firm mattress is ideal for just about any kind of sleeper, especially those with shoulder pain, lower back pain, neck or hip pain.

2. Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress – Best Value


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Forget that British ‘stiff upper lip’. Watching your wallet doesn’t mean you have to settle for a mattress which gives you grief. With the spring-based Sealy Posturepedic Aspen Mattress, you can feel the benefit of a mattress “authorised by the Orthopaedic Advisory Board” for as little as £168.151. 

Available in sizes Single, Small Double, Double, King and Superking, this budget-friendly mattress is made in the UK, comes clad in a hand-tufted soft damask fabric and offers Sealy’s innovative ‘PostureTech Core Support spring system’.

It’s with this system is where the mattress starts to make sense as a low-priced pain relieving miracle. By reacting dynamically to the weight laying on it (i.e. you), it can provide support where it’s most needed—the lumbar region, for example—while offering more comfort on the areas which are more inclined to ‘dig in’, like the shoulders. What does this mean? It means that your spine can assume its natural curved position without being over-bent or unnaturally straightened out. In other words, it means a healthy night’s sleep and (hopefully) no more pain for your poor back.

So it’s cheap, it’s got solid pressure-relieving credentials and it even comes with free UK delivery and five-year guarantee. Where’s the catch?! Well, unfortunately, there is no trial period with this mattress. This could be a dealbreaker for many, as the only way to truly know if a mattress is right for you, especially when it comes to a topic like back or neck pain, is to try it out for yourself.

Final Verdict: A low price and a seal of approval from the Orthopaedic Advisory Board make the spring-based Posturepedic Aspen Mattress worth paying attention to. It’s a shame that there’s no trial period here, but for the price, we guess they had to make sacrifices somewhere.

3. Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress – Luxury Pick


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And we return to Eve’s product lineup for our most extravagant entry in this article. Starting at £978 and coming in Double, King or Superking sizes, this Premium Hybrid Mattress takes everything the Eve Original does well and kicks it up a notch or two (or three, depending on how generous you’re feeling).

This product’s primary pain relieving properties comes courtesy of its top three foam layers. They are, starting from the top, a pressure-relieving “floatfoam” layer, a body-contouring memory foam layer and a supportive sturdy foam layer. Not only will the combination of these three foams keep you feeling weightless and your spine well-aligned, but Eve is also proud to boast that it is the only company in the UK to offer this particular variety of memory foam. 

The mattress is designed to suit all-style of sleepers with sore backs, especially side sleepersthanks to the generously thick top memory foam layer for pressure point support.

Oh, and of course this is a hybrid mattress, which means there’s also a reactive layer of 1,500 springs (up from 800 in the original Eve Hybrid) ready to work with your body—and not fight against it—should you toss, turn and wriggle throughout the night. It’s yet another way in which this mattress is ideal for those liable to contort their body into all manner of painful positions before the night is through.

Who could forget that cover too? Sure, there was nothing wrong with the original’s, but was it lined with antibacterial and antimicrobial silver strands? Nope, but this one is.

One thing that, thankfully, hasn’t changed between the Original Eve and the Premium is the company’s post-purchase support. You’ll still receive the same free delivery across (most of) Great Britain, that 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty covering sag of 2.5cm or more. All good stuff.

Final Verdict: If you can afford it, The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress is probably the best mattress for back pain sufferers in the UK. 1,500 springs, active cooling features embedded within its foam layers and a silver-infused cover stand out as our highlights, but there are so many more to choose from, including that UK-exclusive memory foam technology.

4. Dormeo S Plus Evolution Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Couples (Customisable)


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While it’s not budget-priced by any means, we’re amazed that Dormeo has managed to produce such a feature-packed, customisable mattress while remaining at a £599.99 price point. With sizes spanning Single, Double, King and Superking, this memory foam marvel is a great choice for pain-addled partners with differing sleep preferences.

Like most foam mattresses, this one comes with both a comfort and support layer. What sets it apart, though, is that between the two is a layer of unique, reactive Octaspring foam springs. Plus, both the comfort and support layer can be customised independently on either side. That means you and your partner can have completely different sleep experiences on the very same mattress. However, it is worth noting that the Single size mattress, the one that costs £599.99, only comes with a single configurable side.

The comfort layer can be swapped between soft (ideal for side sleepers) or firm (better for back or front sleepers). Likewise, the support layer, featuring a distinct “S” shape which mimics the curve of the human spine, can be rotated to provide more adaptability and bounce, or else provide more support around the shoulders—ideal for back sleepers or those with neck pain issues.

It’s this adaptability, and the S-shaped core, which make this mattress a top contender for any couples dealing with the agony of bad backs. And with an antibacterial, antimicrobial silver-infused cover, this is also a mattress which will go a long way towards looking after itself. Factor in free UK delivery, a 20-year warranty and a 60-night risk-free trial, and this becomes one compelling offering.

Final Verdict: If wildly varying sleep preferences are driving a wedge between yourself and your partner, causing you pain both literal and emotional, then this might just be the mattress the two of you are looking for. With a customisable support and comfort layer on both sides, this is ideal for front, back or side sleepers with lower back pain, neck pain or any sort of ache in between.

5. Emma Original Mattress – Best for Side Sleepers


The all-foam mattress form Emma, is extremely supportive, pressure-relieving yet medium-firm making it a great choice for side sleepers experiencing back pain. The advanced zoning construction promotes natural spine alignment which relieves pressure off the back, shoulder and hip and provides back pain relief.

The Emma Original Mattress starts at a price of £399 for the Single, but it’s also available in Small Double, Double, King and Superking. Above all with this mattress, Emma appears to have set out to prove that comfort and pain relief can go hand-in-hand with a combination of soft, breathable foams and supportive cold foams. Plus, with a range of additional features like removable, washable covers and a 200-night risk-free trial, there’s plenty to sweeten the deal if the core offering somehow wasn’t enough already.

The airy, adaptive Airgocell foam top layer makes this product perfectly suited for cushioning the shoulders of side sleepers. On top of that (or rather, underneath it), the pressure-relieving visco-elastic memory foam middle layer is specifically designed to evenly distribute weight, preventing the spine from improperly bending under the weight of your body. Finally, the supportive HRX foam bottom layer features discrete zones which react differently to each part of your body, keeping your lower back firm while letting your shoulders, for example, sink slightly to provide pressure relief.

Coming in at a medium firmness, this mattress is best-suited for side sleepers, although lightweight front sleepers will also enjoy the mixture of comfort and support this mattress brings. In fact, the only group we recommend remain particularly wary around the Emma Original Mattress is heavier sleepers 15 stone or above. Their weight may overpower the softer upper layers and sink straight down to the support layer below, thereby counteracting the mattress’ design. 

Final Verdict: While the Emma  mattress may suit all types of sleepers we think the side sleepers might be right at home on the mattress. With three distinct and equally vital foam layers, Emma has proved without a shadow of a doubt that rock-hard mattresses just aren’t necessary for reliving bad backs, neck pain or night-time suffering of any kind. 

If that wasn’t enough, the company is also generous enough to offer a 200-night risk-free trial, a 10-year warranty and free delivery straight to your doorstep. Brilliant!

6. Sleepeezee Ultrafirm 1600 Pocket Mattress – Best Firm


We’ve said a lot about how firmness isn’t everything when it comes to night-time pain relief and we stand by it all. However, comfort preferences and orthopaedic requirements are an incredibly personal thing. Even though a less firm approach may work for most sleepers, that doesn’t mean it will work for them all. For those who genuinely want or need a mattress on the firmer side to keep their bad back in check (particularly if they have a bulky frame), we recommend the Sleepeezee Ultrafirm 1600 Pocket Mattress.

Starting at £359.95, you can pick up this pocket spring mattress in Single, Small Double, Double, King and Superking sizes. If you do, we’re sure that the firmness of its 1,600 individually pocketed springs will leave you surprised. Trust us, when Sleepeezee says this is “extra firm”, they mean it. These sturdy springs will refuse to let your spine twist, bend or warp out of shape—and the gaps between them will naturally promote airflow too. By staying firm and keeping your spine in its natural S-shaped position, this mattress seeks to remedy the cause of your back pain and promote orthopaedic health.

As is standard in today’s online mattress market, the Sleepeezee Ultrafirm mattress comes with a reassuring amount of post-purchase support. On top of free next-day delivery to most parts of the UK, the company also offers a 60-day risk-free trial window and a 5-year guarantee against sag or manufacturing faults. It’s nothing outstanding, but we think it’s worth appreciating companies which offer post-purchase support.

Final Verdict: Sturdy pocket springs, moisture-wicking fabric and intelligently placed air vents makes this a firm and cool mattress which is perfect for enforcing order on your battered spine. We’re especially impressed with the reversible nature of this product. If the mattress has worn out, you can flip it over and refresh it, effectively doubling its lifespan and presenting outstanding value-for-money.

7. Casper Hybrid Mattress – Best for Sweaty Sleepers


You know what’s worse than being in pain? Being in pain and being hot. Our hearts go out to you overheating slumberers in pain, wherever you may be. You shouldn’t have to wake up sweating through the sheets and writhing in back pain. Thankfully, with the Caspar Hybrid Mattress you won’t have to! This vegan-friendly foam and pocket spring hybrid offers top-notch pressure relief and cooling, so you can take out two night-time demons with one intensely comfortable stone.

Starting at £449.50, this mattress comes in eight different sizes ranging from Single to Superking. No matter which size you pick, however, your experience will be the same: excellent! 

Coming in at a medium firmness, the Caspar Hybrid boasts three hypoallergenic foam layers atop a reactive pocket spring base. The first foam layer brings breathability and cooling; the second, a memory foam layer, adds pressure-relief to the equation; and the third foam layer is focused on comfort, helping the mattress reach a gentle medium firmness. At the bottom, then, is that pocket spring base, which is zoned to provide cushioning to the shoulders and more support to regions like the lower spine.

With free next-day delivery, a 10-year online guarantee and a 60-night risk-free trial, this mattress also comes with a hefty post-purchase support offering, which we’re always glad to see.

Final Verdict: With its first layer focusing on cooling, it’s easy to see how this is a great choice for hot sleepers with back pain issues. Of course, there’s still a chance you might sweat up on particularly hot nights, even with this mattress. In those circumstances, you’ll be pleased to know that the Caspar Hybrid’s cover can be removed and washed! They’ve thought of everything, haven’t they?

8. Ergoflex Mattress – Best Memory Foam


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You may have tried memory foam, but you haven’t tried memory foam like this. The hypoallergenic, all-foam Ergoflex Mattress features a high density visco-elastic memory foam layer which contours to your body and responds to your weight, keeping your spine aligned and relieving pressure on those spots where it’s most needed (e.g. the shoulders). These memory foams are used in hospitals around Europe, and they’re ideal for sufferers of back pain (sciatica), fibromyalgia, circulation problems or joint complaints, according to Ergoflex.

Starting at £499, the Ergoflex mattress comes in Single, Double, Euro Double, King, Euro King and Super-King sizes. For a price like that, you get a lot of mattress for your money. We were quick to shout the praises of its visco-elastic top layer, but we’d be foolish to neglect the other two foam layers. In the middle is a cool-sleep airflow layer designed to work with the open-cell memory foam and prevent heat from building up within the mattress. Finally, the Ergoflex Mattress supports its top two layers with a high-resilience foam base. This provides the supportive element which is crucial for any back pain relieving mattress, and it also helps keep the mattress from sagging, thereby increasing its longevity.

Ergoflex isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for its customers either. The company offers free next-day delivery to most of the UK and a 30-day risk-free trial period. Plus, it offers a 10-year warranty, and it’s one of the few mattress-in-a-box companies to have existed for longer than its warranty period. When they say “10 years of coverage”, they mean it.

Final Verdict: Memory foam doesn’t get much better than this for the price. Ergoflex’s 5th Gen True HD ACPT foams are truly outstanding for relieving pressure and helping support those with ongoing back pain or circulation issues. When you factor in that removable TENCEL outer cover and some stellar motion isolation features, this becomes one hard-to-ignore product. We heartily recommend you check it out.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider when buying a mattress for bad back

Looking to put a stop to your nights of suffering with a bad back? There are a few factors you’ll need to consider when browsing the UK market for back pain relieving mattresses.

Medical Advice

First and foremost, if you’re suffering from ongoing pain of any kind, it’s crucial that you seek professional medical advice. A doctor will be able to prescribe medically approved treatments, and they might even be able to recommend ideal sleep solutions for you. A good mattress can make a great foundation for pain-free living, but it’s not the whole solution.


Firmness is key when it comes to pressure relief. Make no mistake, we’re not saying that you need a firm mattress to fight off back pain, just that firmness levels are an important factor to consider. In actuality, experts now believe that medium-firm is the most universally beneficial level of firmness for easing pain: it lets the shoulders and hips sink while providing support where it’s needed.

With that said, heavier sleepers or back those who sleep on their back might prefer something a little firmer. It’s all down to preference and your individual requirements. That’s why it’s so important to try out a mattress for yourself!


Memory foams and pocket springs are found in most good pain relieving mattresses, and there’s a very good reason for that: they work! Memory foam contours to your body, helping your spine reach and stay in its natural position. Likewise, pocket springs (especially ones with zoned support) react to your body and its movements without letting your tossing and turning contort your spine. If you’re shopping for a mattress for back pain, these are the two components you should be looking out for.

Summing Up

Any sort of pain—whether it be back pain (lower/upper), shoulder pain or neck pain—can have a major impact on your entire life. Work, family, socialisation and sports: they can all be hampered by the effects of a poorly-protected spine. That’s why it’s so important to pick the best mattress for back pain which treats you and your spine right. 

If you’ve got any questions or queries about mattress or bedding (pain-related or not), get in touch! We’ll be happy to speak with you or point you in the right direction.

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