The UK’s Best Ottoman Beds of 2021

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Let’s be honest, wardrobes never seem to be big enough, drawers overflow with clothes, and bedrooms can often feel overwhelmed as a result. The answer for Brits is simple, ottoman beds! This is the perfect way to not only invest in a comfortable and stylish bed, but to also expand your storage horizons.

In modern Britain, bedroom storage is a consistent problem, especially when living in big cities where space comes at a premium. Therefore, we are having to become more resourceful than ever when it comes to making the most of what little room we have.

Ottoman beds come fitted with storage underneath the mattress itself, meaning you have extra room for your belongings without ever knowing it’s there. Plus, with so many options on the market right now, it’s so easy to find a UK ottoman bed that perfectly meets your individual needs.

Fortunately for you, we have eliminated the leg work and drafted up our own list of the very best ottoman beds that the UK has to offer in 2021. Essentially, if they have made our list, they are incredible options for the modern British home.


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Factors to Consider When Buying an Ottoman Bed

There are a number of things to take into account when purchasing an ottoman bed in the UK, so be sure to pay attention to the following:

  • Ottoman Design – For many Brits, the main attraction of the ottoman bed design is the practicality of the storage itself. However, as with any kind of beds, ottomans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, meaning that practicality does not affect style. You can choose from whatever sizes, colours and designs you want, all depending on what fits best with your bedroom and your personality. Not to mention the wide variety of materials, from fabric to leather to oak wood.
  • How The Bed Opens – We mentioned practicality above, well this is where it comes into play. How does the storage actually work? The main two options we have here are end lift or side lift, the names being fairly self-explanatory. Your choice will likely come down to personal preference and the layout of your bedroom – just make sure there is room to open it up. Both offer the same amount of space, so practicality is key.
  • The Mattress – While the vast majority of ottoman beds can take any mattress, you may still want to weigh up your options, literally. Although ottomans come with assisted lifting, the weight of your mattress may affect how easy it is to open the storage, to bear that in mind. You should also try out your new mattress on a slanted base before ordering as most ottomans use this foundation and it can affect the overall firmness.
  • The Cost – One of the most important things to consider when making any new purchase. What we will say is that a standard ottoman bed costs more than a standard bed. However, you need to bear in mind that you are not only purchasing a bed, but storage space too. Therefore, you can treat it as a bed and wardrobe in one when calculating a budget.

Top-Rated Ottoman Beds to Buy in the UK – Ranked & Reviewed

1. Eve Storage Bed Frame – Editor’s Pick


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For those Brits who prefer an upholstered bed design with bags of extra storage, you may want to check out our editor’s pick. What stands out with this ottoman bed is that it wasn’t designed with only storage in mind, but also quality of sleep.

It comes with adjustable bed slats in order to allow the user to adjust the support to their own individual sleeping habits. For example, if you tend to sleep on one particular side or at a particular angle, you can move the slats to offer extra support to that part of the bed.

The manufacturers claim that the designers behind the bed set out to create not only an ottoman that saves space, but also ‘looks good doing it’. They also claim that the storage is ideal for blankets, pillows, clothes, and other things that you want to keep away from children or pets.

The listed storage height is 18cm, meaning there is plenty of room for all of the above. The bed’s mechanical lift system is operated using a fabric handle, meaning it doesn’t take a lot of effort to access the storage space.

As confirmed by this customer: 

Easy Instructions to put the bed together and easy to open the bed (not too heavy), good value for money! Lots of storage and I like that the corner edges are not boxed off. Feels very sturdy (I purchased this bed frame when another bed for a similar amount was terrible quality).

Final Verdict – There is a reason that this ottoman has received our editor’s pick and that’s because it is the most all-around option on the list. Not only is the quality top-notch and the storage spacious, but it also won’t break the bank.

2. Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame – Best Splurge


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When we say our ‘best splurge’, what we mean is that the Hopkins ottoman is a little more expensive than others you may find on this list, but with good reason. If you have the funds available, it is certainly worth looking into.

The bed frame itself is finished out of woven fabric, offering a very sleek and minimalist design that would fit it within most bedrooms.

The manufacturers have worked hard to ensure that the Hopkins comes with a number of unique upgrades, such as storage handles, upholstered feet, an improved lift system, and more storage space. The storage depth is listed at 26cm, which provides an attractive amount of space.

This option includes hidden vents on the baseboard in order to allow the mattress to breathe, with an emphasis on staying fresher for longer. It is also claimed that wooden cross rails have been added to the design to enhance the life of the bed.

As confirmed by this customer: 

Beautiful, well made bed, delivered when expected. Not the cheapest option we saw, but worth the extra cost.

Final Verdict – As a more expensive option, the Hopkins certainly comes with the bells, whistles and quality that you would expect. If you are looking for something that may last a little longer and provide even extra storage, this is certainly worth looking at.

3. Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame – Best Budget 


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Are you looking for a budget option? Do ottoman beds appeal but the price tags leave you reeling? The Wilson ottoman is our best budget pick for this list as the prices for small doubles and standard doubles come in at just £449! Even if you want to splash out on a king-sized ottoman, it will only set you back £549.

This particular ottoman is definitely designed with practicality in mind, with colour-coded holes allowing you the choice of which side it opens up from. This gives you a far wider range of where you can fit it into your bedroom.

The Wilson ottoman features sprung slats for extra comfort, a scrolled head end and foot end and a one year guarantee as standard.

Even though we list it as our best budget option, this ottoman still boasts an impressive 20cm of storage depth, meaning there is plenty of room to stash away your clothes, blankets, bedding and more.

As confirmed by this customer: 

The bed is very comfortable and looks so good we even brought matching furniture. The only downside was the fitting together we paid for, they couldn’t do it which is understandable due to the pandemic. Turns out the instructions were super easy to follow and put together very quickly. Highly recommend this bed.

Final Verdict – £449 for a standard double ottoman bed is certainly nothing to shake a stick at. If you have a limited budget but are still looking for a long-lasting quality bed with ample storage space, give this one a once over.

4. Aspire Beds Upholstered Side Opening Storage Ottoman Bed – Best For Small Spaces


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This Aspire ottoman is perfect for smaller spaces in terms of both the standard dimensions and the way in which it opens to reveal the storage space beneath.

The bed comes with sprung slats, a classic buttoned headboard, a buttoned footboard, silver feet and gas-lift pistons for ease of opening. This ottoman is side opening but can be constructed to lift up on either side, depending on your own preferences and space.

The storage depth is listed at 25cm, providing ample space to stash away your clothes and linen, with a black fabric lining at the base of the compartment to ensure that no stored belongings come into contact with the floor.

As confirmed by this UK customer: 

Perfect sized bed for my daughters small bedroom, she loves it & is able to store plenty of things underneath.

Final Verdict – If you are looking for a smaller and cheaper option for your bedroom of choice, then the Aspire ottoman certainly ticks a lot of boxes. Design to fit into tight spaces whilst remaining comfortable and effective, it is certainly an ideal choice for many scenarios.

5. Phoenix Pearl Grey Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed Frame – Best Traditional


Brits looking for a traditional style ottoman bed need look no further than the Phoenix, which represents a good solution for smaller bedrooms, packing a lot of positives into a smaller size. Not only that, but there is still 27cm of storage depth on offer, meaning there is loads of room to store your clothes, bedding, and more.

The mattress section lifts up at a 45-degree angle to allow access to the storage space beneath, rising from the foot end of the bed. The gas piston lift mechanism also has a strength of 588N, meaning that it will be a breeze to open. The manufacturers also claim that there is no need to move pillows or cushions when opening the storage space.

One of the more unique selling points of the Phoenix ottoman when compared to others on our list is the array of different colours available. You can currently purchase it in Navy Blue and Oak, Oak, Pearl Grey and Oak, Stone Grey and Oak, or White colours.

The manufacturers claim that the open-slatted wooden headboard is designed alongside a low foot end to create the image of increased space.

As confirmed by this customer: 

Took me three hours to assemble on my own. Ideally, a two-person job and you could cut that time considerably. Every part was well labelled and well packed. Possibly the best self-assembly piece of furniture I have ever seen in terms of construction. Really solid and strong. Very pleased.

Final Verdict – Not only is this option very traditional in both style and practicality, but it is also arguably the most customisable due to the range of colours on offer. Not to mention the competitive price, depth of storage and quality of build on offer. Definitely one worth checking out.

6. Hip Hop Ottoman Wooden Bed Frame – Best Solid Wood


This solid wood design is described as a ‘Scandi style makeover’ on the traditional bedroom storage solution, with a ‘perfect combination of Nordic good looks and practicality’.

Unlike most of the beds on our list, the Hip Hop Ottoman takes advantage of a traditional wooden frame, rather than painted wood or a fabric finish. This would definitely go well with any bedroom that has a brown wooden floor.

This ottoman comes with a one year guarantee as standard but that extends to five years if you order a mattress with your bed—Definitely, something to consider.

The easy-to-access space beneath the mattress is designed to be discreet to the unknowing eye, while also spacious to store any extra bedding, clothes, toys, or whatever else you want to stow away.

As confirmed by this customer: 

Brought if for extra space; after an issue with a changed delivery date; customer services was very helpful. The bed arrived; great quality very thick wood and easy to assemble. Looks great and very pleased.

Final Verdict – As the rating suggests, our Best Wood option stands out from the crowd due to the attractive and traditional wooden frame finish. If you’re a sucker for the varnish ripples of a deep brown tree trunk, then this may be the option for you.

7. Castello Grey Fabric Ottoman Scroll Sleigh Bed- Best Sleigh Style


The Castello Grey Ottoman Sleigh Bed comes in as our very best sleigh style option. For those who do not know, a sleigh bed comes with curved/scrolled footboards and headboards, resembling a sleigh-type shape.

The main attraction with these beds is definitely their unique and contemporary style, perfect for anyone looking for something a little bit different – not to mention something without pointy edges.

The manufacturers claim that the Castello Grey Ottoman Sleigh Bed serves as a ‘timeless modern statement into any bedroom’. They also add that they opted for a grey colour scheme in order to match nearly every bedroom style, while also allowing the user to add their own splash of colour with duvet sets, cushions and blankets.

This ottoman boasts a storage depth of over 25cm, making it perfect for those needing a lot of extra space, while remaining both discrete and easy to open.

As confirmed by this customer: 

Amazing bed, a lot bigger than I expected, it is huge (kingsize) well worth the money in terms of comfort and storage.

Final Verdict – Sleigh style beds provide a little something different for those who want their ottoman bed to stand out in the room. If you are tired of the standard bed design, this a perfect opportunity for you to branch out and try something new.

8. Kelsey Stores 3ft, 4ft, 4ft6, 5ft Fusion Grey Linen Fabric Ottoman – Best Bargain


The Kelsey Stores ottoman comes in as our best bargain option with prices starting from just under £175, far cheaper than most of the other ottomans on this list. Let’s face it, the Brits love a bargain!

This bed features two separate hydraulic pistons in order to allow easy access to the storage space underneath the mattress, lifting from the foot end. The bed also remains in the open position on its own, allowing you to keep both hands free when taking or storing items.

While it may be one of our cheaper options, the Kelsey Stores ottoman is still very practical and effective, especially when partnered up with a comfortable single, double or king-sized mattress.

As confirmed by this customer: 

I’m really pleased with this bed, solid once constructed, easy to put to together. Well packaged and quick delivery. (TIP- Items stored in headrest on delivery!) lots of storage space and easy to access. Very happy.

Final Verdict – People in the UK often say that you get what you pay for when it comes to cheaper options; however, the Kelsey Stores ottoman serves a purpose beyond its price tag. It definitely represents great value for money, purely on features alone.

Wrapping Up

Not only do you Brits deserve the best night’s sleep possible, but why not also make your bed work for you? Cramped conditions and messy bedrooms do not make for a relaxing sleep but storage comes at a premium in the modern world, so taking advantage of your existing space is a must. We hope that this guide allows you to find the best ottoman beds in the UK! Good luck!

Got any questions about the UK’s best ottoman beds? Drop us a message below.

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