The UK’s Best Pillows of 2021

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Are you looking for a comfy and cosy pillow for a good night of slumber? In this guide, we’ll help you choose the right pillow for your needs and also recommend the best pillows available in the UK market. So whether you’re looking for a firm or plush pillow, a pillow specific for neck pain, a pillow suitable side sleeping or something in a budget, we’ve you covered.

Did you know that we sleep for around one-third of our lives? That’s a lot of time spent in bed. It’s so acceptable to invest money into living our best lives while we’re awake, we think it’s about time that investment is extended so that we can continue thriving in dreamland. That’s why we’re encouraging you to take a long, hard look at your pillows. You spend around eight hours a day laying on them, but are your current pillows really serving your sleep? 

If we’ve piqued your interest, allow us to introduce you to the UK’s best pillows.


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How Did We Choose The Best Pillows Of 2021?

From traditional, feather-filled pillows to technology-backed, problem solving pillows; the UK market is flooded with pillows which all claim to be the best. That’s where we come in. We’re here to identify the gems amongst the average, so that you only spend your hard earned money on the very best products out there. 

Whether you’re a side sleeper, looking for a pillow more suited to your sleeping position or you’re fed up with waking up with neck or shoulder pain, we have your back.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider when buying a pillow

1) Types of filling

  • Down and feather pillows are luxuriously cloud-like, but aren’t suitable for sleepers with allergies. Due to the sought after comfort that they provide, they’re one of the most expensive types of pillows on the market.
  • Memory foam pillows offer support and can help with pain relief, as they mould to the shape of the head, neck and shoulders. As such, memory foam pillows are best suited to still sleepers as opposed to combo sleepers. Memory foam pillows can be on the pricey side, but will last a lot longer than other, synthetic options.
  • Microfiber pillows are, more often than not, the cheapest option available. Made of polyester and the alike, they come in a variety of thicknesses and firmness levels, meaning that there will be microfiber pillow out there for most UK sleepers. They won’t last as long as other pillow types, but they are usually allergy proof.

2) Sleeping position suitability

The key to finding your perfect pillow is working out which kind of sleeper you are. Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, front sleeper or combo-sleeper? In a frustrating turn of events, pillow sellers don’t always reference which sleeping position their pillows are most suitable for, but by doing your own research, you can clue yourself up on what type of pillow will serve your sleep best.

  • Side sleepers will benefit from deep pillows that are on the firm side. The pillow should fill the gap created between your ear and the mattress, so that your neck is never bent. This ensures that the head is in line with the spine, keeping the body in a natural position.
  • Back sleepers should be shopping for medium/firm pillows. This is so the neck can remain supported, without tilting the head forward. Pillows for back sleepers often come with an internal structure, designed to offer support and a softer outer layer.
  • Front sleepers will sleep best on a soft, slim pillow. To ensure that there is no strain on the back and neck, the head should not be lifted, so a thin pillow is needed to ensure that the spine stays neutral.
  • Combo-sleepers switch positions a lot in the night, usually alternating between their back and side. If this sounds like you, opt for a pillow with medium firmness and height, to find a happy balance.

3) Thickness

Pillows come in a variety of thicknesses to support different sleeping styles. As a rule of thumb, front sleepers need a slimmer pillow, side sleepers will benefit from a medium-thick pillow and back sleepers will do well to invest in a slim-medium pillow. Some pillows are even adjustable, so that you can customise it to fit your ideal height.

4) Durability

Depending on the type of pillow, they should last between one and ten years. Down and feather pillows will have the longest lifespan at five to ten years. Synthetic pillows, on the other hand, tend to last between one and two years – but the price often reflects this. When it comes to memory foam pillows, they usually last around three or four years, at which point they lose their ability to bounce back.

Best Pillows to buy in UK - Ranked & Reviewed

1. Ergoflex HD Pillow – Editor’s pick (all sleep positions)


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Ergoflex may be a brand that you haven’t heard of. They avoid traditional mass marketing methods and in-store selling in favour of word of mouth and as such, their products have become a case of ‘if you know, you know.’

The Ergoflex HD Pillow promises cradling, weightlessness and pressure-relieving support. Its high-density visco-elastic memory foam makes the pillow hold its shape and there’s no need to plump, unlike feather pillows, which are prone to collapsing over time. 

However, by no means it’s plush or a super-soft pillow. What you get here is a pillow with a neutral profile and middle-of-the-road firmness which work wells for most sleepers in almost all sleeping positions – back, side or stomach. Additionally, the visco-elastic memory foam offers orthopedic support which helps in relieving neck pain or shoulder pain. 

As confirmed by this UK reviewer:

‘My pillow is very comfortable & very supportive. It doesn’t stay squashed, it is great for chronic pain & neck injury. Best pillow I’ve ever owned. I recommend others try this pillow out, they won’t regret it.’

If you’re always trying to find the cool side of the pillow, you’ll be pleased to know that Tencel covers are cooling, so you’ll find it difficult to overheat with this pillow in your bed.

When it comes to size, this pillow is on the medium side, so if you’re the type of sleeper who thrashes around a lot at night, you may find this pillow a little small. The Ergoflex HD Pillow is on the thick side which makes it suitable for side sleepers.

The price of £55 is about right for a memory foam pillow. You can find them slightly cheaper, but for a product his highly reviewed, we think it’s worth paying a small premium. When evaluating whether this product offers the value you are looking for, keep in mind that memory foam pillows usually need to be replaced every three to four years.

What’s the downside? According to some reviews, the pillow can feel hard if you’re used to very soft pillows. Plus, Ergoflex’s 24-day returns policy is less than generous, but they do make up for it with their two-year warranty.

Final Verdict: Ergoflex’s pillow is a great all-rounder and was produced to appeal to a variety of sleepers. However, if you’re used to a very soft pillow, this pick may be a bit too firm for you.

2. Premium Nectar Pillow (Pair) – Best value


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Two pillows for under £55? You officially have our attention. Nectar’s Premium Pillows come as a pair, which means your bed buddy can have their own new pillow too. Its extra layer of Tencel cooling fabric means that your days of rotating the pillow to find the cool side are over.

Although the comfort level is not specified, from the fact that this pillow is made of memory foam, we have assumed a comfort rating of ‘medium-firm,’ making it suitable for back and side sleepers.

The two-year warranty and 30-day exchange window is reassuring, while the price when these pillows are on sale is a bargain. Annoyingly, customer reviews are few and far between, but this lady was very happy:

‘I admit I wasn’t sure what to think about the pillows at first because they were so different to what I was use to but I love them.’

These pillows should last you a good three to four years, thanks to the quality of memory foam. Remember to replace these pillows when they start to lose their bounce-back factor, otherwise you won’t reap the benefits anymore.

Final Verdict: When not on sale this pillow pair can cost up to £70, which for two memory foam pillows, is an absolute steal. If you’re not precious over the fact this product lacks customer reviews and are looking for a memory foam pillow for you and your partner, we think these are a winner.

3. Simba Hybrid Pillow – Best luxury (adjustable height)


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If all the pillows that we’re reviewing today were at a party, the Simba Hybrid Pillow would be the one who only drinks Champagne, not Prosecco. Our luxury pick is probably one of the most comfortable pillows available in the UK market and is complete with special technology, which provides answers for the UK’s common sleep complaints!

At almost £100 per pillow, we feel like we need to justify ourselves, so, prepare to be wowed. The Simba Hybrid pillow is fully adjustable for height and comfort due to its filling of small foam cubes, called Nanocubes.

If the pillow is too high or too hard, you can simply remove a handful of Nanocubes until the pillow is perfect for you.  For example, if you’re a front sleeper you need a slimmer pillow, so you should limit the amount of Nanocubes you use, side sleepers will benefit from a medium-thick pillow and back sleepers should make their pillow a slim-medium thickness.

This may seem like a strange concept, if you’ve never encountered a pillow like this before, but Simba customers are fully on board, now that they’ve given it a try:

‘Excellent pillow, adjustable height depending on how you like it! Do not think I could sleep with any other pillow now.’

Everything about this pillow is designed to maximise airflow, so that you don’t overheat. From its mesh border to Stratos top, which is designed to regulate temperature, overheating will be a thing of the past.

Obviously, it’s pricey and reviewers note that if you want to make this Simba pillow extra firm, you will have to buy extra Nanocubes from Amazon, which isn’t ideal. Our only other niggle is the short returns window and warranty – for such a luxury purchase, we would expect longer.

Final Verdict: It really feels like Simba has kept the consumer’s needs in mind when designing this product. If you can stretch your budget to the Simba Hybrid Pillow, it may just transform how you sleep through its cooling, comfort technology.

4. Soft As Down Microfibre With Silk Superking Pillow – Best for Side Sleepers


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Do you love the feel of Down, but struggle with allergies? Allow us to introduce you to the Soft As Down pillow, from Soak&Sleep. Its microfiber filing is light weight, mimicking the feeling of Down. If you buy this pillow not expecting it to feel exactly like down – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its likeness. It’s also good enough for UK hotels:

‘These pillows are just divinely soft and comfortable! One of the hotels we regularly stay in uses them, so I just had to get some!’

This pillow does come in a variety of firmness levels, but for the purpose of this review, we’re focusing on how good the medium/firm option is for side sleepers. Due to the pressure that is applied to the head and shoulders of a side sleeper, the pillow needs to stand firm, in order to provide enough support.

If you’re looking for a large pillow, that has enough surface for you move around to your heart’s content, without you falling off, you’ll love this pick. It is super king size and would look dreamy on a super king bed.  

We also need to talk silk. This pillow’s filling is 10% silk, which makes it sound very fancy and also has some technical benefits too. The silk helps the pillow’s temperature stay regulated by helping to get rid of excess moisture, so your pillow stays fresh.

With a two-year warranty and an exceptional 365-day return policy, what’s the catch? The price point is expensive for a synthetic pillow, but we get that the silk adds value. We don’t think this pillow is worth the RRP price, so grab it on sale whilst you can.

Final Verdict: We think Soft As Down Microfibre pillow is an excellent option for side sleepers who enjoy the feeling of down and the perks of a cheeky 365-day return policy.

5. Soak&Sleep Duck Feather & Down – Best for front sleepers


For front sleepers, the optimum pillow comfort level is soft/medium. This ensures that your body, shoulders and head remain as level as possible throughout the night, to avoid aches and pains. The small, soft duck feathers used to bulk out this Soak&Sleep pillow fit the bill perfectly, creating a light-as-a-cloud surface for you to sink your head into, keeping you level and comfortable.

What’s more, feather and down pillows tend to have a longer lifespan than their synthetic competitors, meaning you won’t have to splash out on new pillows for another five to ten years.

This Soak&Sleep Duck Feather & Down pillow conveniently comes in a number of sizes, so that you can upgrade every soft surface in your house. This includes a two pack of pillows in a standard size, for just £32 (RRP £40). Alternatively, you can enjoy the benefits of a larger pillow, by purchasing the super king size, which is perfect if you’re prone to rolling off of smaller pillows.

Although Soak&Sleep don’t offer a sleep trial period, this is another product which allows you a full year returns window, plus a two-year guarantee. When it comes to duck feather and down pillows, this is proving to be a bargain, but what else can these pillows offer UK sleepers?

‘This is the best pillow I have EVER had! I suffered for so long could never find a pillow that was comfortable! But omg!!! If you are thinking about getting this pillow do it! Because it’s the best thing I’ve ever slept on!’

Now, that’s a review. After scouring the internet for comments on this pillow, one thing that did come up is that the pillow is thinner than expected, so some buyers felt that they had to purchase two. However, if you’ve purchased this pillow because you’re a front sleeper, you’re better off sticking with one. This is due to the fact that in the front sleeping position, it’s recommended to use a relatively thinner pillow to keep the head and spine properly aligned.

Final Verdict: You won’t find any quirky technology-led surprises with this pillow, just good, old fashioned down and feather comfort. We can’t find much to complain about when it comes to this front sleeper pillow and we’re definitely not moaning about the two-year guarantee and 365-day return policy.

6. Tempur Original Pillow – Best for neck pain 


Neck pain should not be ignored. If you’re suffering with bad back or body pain when you wake up in the morning, it’s time to switch up your pillow. The Tempur Original Pillow is specifically designed to relieve neck pain and comes in three different heights, so that you can tailor the pillow to your body’s size and needs. The unique pillow shape hugs the natural curvature of your body, when sleeping on your back or side, providing support and alignment.

It turns out that Tempur are generous too. Something that you don’t see often is a trial period for a pillow. Alongside a three year warranty, Tempur gives you the opportunity to try the pillow out for 30 nights, to see if it’s right for you. If it’s not perfect, you can return your purchase or swap it for another height option.

What’s more, this pillow is NASA endorsed! Tempur was a material originally created to help the impact of G-force on astronauts. Once Tempur was branded and started to successfully provide consumers with a better night’s sleep, NASA themselves presented it with an award.

Tempur state that their pillows are ‘built to last,’ but in reality, you’re looking at around a five-year lifespan – which is still pretty good. What’s the downside, then? The dimensions of this pillow are on the small side, so if you’re a fan of a large pillow, this may not be for you. 

This is one pricey pillow, but as one grateful customer put it:

‘The stuff they make is pricy however it well worth the price if you think you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so when you reason like that it’s an investment for life. A few £1000s in your lifetime is nothing and imagine no more back pain, acupuncture and weeks off work because a bad back. Add everything up and you’ll save money by the bucket load.’

Final Verdict: The Tempur Original Pillow is NASA-backed and proven to help relieve neck and shoulder pain. We cannot fault the product or deny the hordes of UK customers who claim that the pillow has improved their lives for the better. If you suffer with neck pain and can spare £99, see what this pillow can do for you.

7. Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow – Best cooling


Unfortunately, we don’t have a category for the UK’s ‘cutest pillow,’ but if we did, the Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow would come up trumps, due to the adorable panda stamped on its corner. Now that we’ve got that important factor out of the way, let’s talk about how cooling this pillow is.

The removable, sustainable bamboo cover is responsible for why the Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow will keep you cool on warm nights. Unlike cotton, which traps heat, bamboo is incredibly breathable and evaporates moisture which rises to the surface of the pillow during the night. Basically, instead of absorbing your sweat, bamboo harnesses it to cool you down.

Other great features include the fair price, astounding 10-year warranty and generous 30-night trial. Plus, you’ll get all the supportive benefits that memory foam offers. No more sleepless nights for this customer’s partner:

‘Bought my pillow after a week of poor sleep, sore neck and snoring. Haven’t looked back! Love how supported I feel each night as I lay my head.’

This Panda pillow is small and isn’t going to add much to your big fluffy pillow display on your bed, but this is the case with most memory foam pillows. You can also expect a medium thickness, so side sleepers in particular may favour this pillow.

Downsides are limited from what we can tell. There isn’t information about which sleep position this pillow is most suitable for or what kind of comfort level it provides. However, the fact that it is made out of memory foam, indicates that it’s medium-firm and should suit all types of sleepers.  

Final Verdict: Warm sleepers looking for a cooling pillow will benefit most from the Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow. This product will also help with sleep-related aches and is a safe bet for allergy sufferers.

8. Silentnight Hotel Collection Piped Pillow (4-pack) – Bargain Pick


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A list of the UK’s best pillows wouldn’t be complete without Silentnight. The Silentnight Hotel Collection Piped Pillow four-pack has a product name to get even the grumpiest of sleepers excited. For just £34.99, you get four (!) pillows which are piped for a luxurious touch. We also couldn’t find a bad review:

‘Love these pillows, extremely comfortable and supportive without straining my neck. Definitely sleeping better with them. Would purchase again.’

As these pillows are covered in cotton, they are a brilliant option for sleepers who get hot during the night. Cotton has breathable qualities and is known to make some of the most cooling bedding.

Sleep position suitability is not specified, but as we learnt in our buyer’s guide, a pillow with medium firmness is most suited to back sleepers. Keep in mind that these are not the largest pillows out there, so aren’t suitable if you’re looking for something to look at home on a super king size bed.

There also aren’t any extras that come with this pick, such as warranty or a sleep trial period. Plus, due to the synthetic filling, you’ll most likely need to replace all four pillows after a couple of years, but we think this all of this is reflected in the price.

Final Verdict: The Silentnight Hotel Collection Piped Pillow four-pack means that UK sleepers everywhere can get pillows for their whole bed on a budget. This bargain pick actually has some frills attached, which is impressive for the price. Plus, we can get over the no-warranty situation, considering the great value.

Wrapping Up

You deserve the best night’s sleep possible and if that is something which is currently hard to come by, this article came just at the right time. Choosing a pillow can feel overwhelming, with so many brilliant products on the UK market, it’s hard to know where to turn. However, using this guide as a tool, you can begin your dream pillow search in an informed and confident way. Good luck!

Got any questions about the UK’s best pillows? Drop us a line below.

Ergoflex HD Pillow

Ergoflex HD Pillow

Our Top Pick!

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