The UK’s Best Trundle Beds of 2021

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Do you have limited space in your spare room, or are you just looking to make the most of the space you have? If this sounds like you, then a trundle bed might be the solution to all your problems.

In this guide, we’ll help you decide on the best trundle bed for your needs. We have reviewed 9 completely different trundle beds, from your traditional wooden pine and comfy day beds to modern looking metal framed beds perfect for adding a touch of style to your room. So stop your search, we’ve got your covered.

What’s a trundle bed?

A trundle bed is essentially a single bed with a built-in spare bed underneath, with the primary purpose of optimising floor space. The trundle’s two-in-one design allows you to pull out the second bed from underneath and turn a single into a double, pretty smart right? The trundle bed is perfect for Brits who love to host overnight guests such as friends or relatives as well as for those who have children who enjoy sleepovers with school friends. 

But it’s not just the spare room a trundle bed could work for, Brits have been known to use trundle beds in games rooms, home offices and kids rooms.

The design not only makes for a great space saver, but they are also a cost-effective option too, with trundle beds typically being cheaper than a traditional double bed. What’s more, some trundle beds come with storage space or draws on the side, so are a brilliant choice for those who need that extra bit of storage. 

So, we’ve sold you on the trundle bed, but what do you need to consider before you buy one? 


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Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider when buying a trundle bed

1) Mattress size

Due to the functionality of the trundle bed, most require single size mattresses. However, there are certain styles which allow for a double mattress to be stored underneath. A great option we have seen with some trundle beds is a zip link mattress, where two single mattresses can be zipped together to make a double mattress. Having said this, the zip link mattresses do tend to cost a bit more; however, there are some cheaper options available.

2) Storage space

Aside from the brilliant two-in-one design, the trundle can also double as extra storage space. Something parents should consider when buying their child’s next bed, as the storage space has been noted as a great space for toys, spare bedding and blankets. 

3) Target audience 

The primary target audience for trundle beds would be kids, teens or anyone with a small build. Nevertheless, once assembled into a double, the bed is ideal for overnight guests. Something to note, trundle beds usually have thinner mattresses, which is one reason we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this type of bed for adults who may require a firmer or thicker mattress. 

4) Ease of setup

Known for their ease of set up, the trundle is a bed designed to make setting up a spare bed for overnight guests a seamless and easy experience. There are several ways the trundles can be assembled, some are on wheels which slide out and pull up onto legs, others are already on legs and slide out from the single bed to make a double. 

4) Size of the bed

The trundle beds come in a variety of sizes. Single beds can turn into either a double or king size bed, or you can find double trundle beds which have huge storage spaces underneath. The price of the trundles depends on the size and style you are looking for. Single trundles tend to be between £100-£700 whereas those that open into a king-size bed can come at a premium with some costing over £1000. 

Best Trundle Beds to buy in the UK - Ranked & Reviewed

1. Hypnos Guest Bed with Pocket Mattress – Best Splurge (Includes mattress)


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This trundle bed is for those looking to add a little luxury into their life. The two high-quality single pocket sprung mattress, with 840 pocket springs, means guests will have a more than pleasant night sleep when staying over. What’s more, the silk and British wool filling add a touch of royalty. No need to worry about your guests being cold either, as this mattress is upholstered in insulating cotton.

At just over £1000, this is the most expensive of all the trundle beds in this article, however there are 0% finance options available to you through Furniture Village. The wait time is currently at 10 weeks, so if this is the product you’re after, make sure you’re prepared to wait for it. All purchases come with a 20-year structural guarantee and if you’re not satisfied, you have 14 calendar days to return the bed.

The bed’s design is very versatile and comes in a choice of base fabrics such as leather and faux suedes, so it can fit within any colour scheme or interior design. The bed’s length is 190cm (6ft 2) so would be better suited to shorter adults or children. The second bed comes on wheels, making it  easy to assemble -simply slide out the second bed and pull the legs from underneath to form two singles or a king-size bed.

Noted for its space-saving features, this trundle has two full-thickness mattresses, as opposed to one thinner one, which is common amongst trundle beds. Despite it being great at saving floorspace, there is no storage within the bed, which some trundles do come with. We think it would have been a better product with drawers or space underneath for storage.

As confirmed by this UK reviewer:

“Well made product, easy to assemble. Comfortable. Attractive upholstery.”

Final Verdict: A luxurious option of trundle bed, not only does it have a strong frame and base, but it also offers a mattress that is supportive and comparable to that of an expensive high-end mattress. Despite this being on the higher end of the price range, you certainly get the value for money on this product. 

2. Hip Hop 3 in 1 Wooden Bed Frame – Editor’s Pick


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Picked as the Editor’s choice, this trundle is less than £370and has a brilliant 3-in-1 feature which means the bed can work as a single, two single beds or be pushed together to make one super king-size bed! Additionally, the trundle bed comes on castors making it much easier to set up. 

An ideal choice for a child’s room, this contemporary-looking wooden bed frame has both a stylish yet solid look and would suit any room. Coming in a choice of two colours, you have the option of traditional wood or white painted wood. 

Again, this trundle’s space-saving feature is a great selling point, as well as it being a slightly longer bed, at 210cm or 6ft 8, making it a great option for taller adults and teenagers.

The delivery time is expected at 6 weeks, so a much shorter wait time than our first pick (Hypnos Guest Bed). The 40-night guarantee is a perk, where after 40 nights if you are not satisfied, you can exchange the bed for another one. You will also receive a 1-year guarantee for the bed in case anything goes wrong with it.

Bensons offer an assembly service for those that might not be as handy. For just £20 they will assemble the bed, trundle and headboard.

As confirmed by this UK reviewer:

“It seems well made. Looks good. Fitted together easily. The spare bed underneath is great to provide spare beds in a children’s bedroom without taking up any room.”

What’s the downside? Some reviewers mentioned the bed frame is quite heavy, and one reviewer said the bed was not as solid as it looks, so be sure to test out the frame and strength of this bed before you make your final purchase.

You also don’t receive a mattress with this bed. However, Bensons for Beds have suggestions for mattresses and pillows on their website and sometimes offer a discount for orders including multiple items.

Final Verdict: The price is a huge bonus, coming in at £367, but get a sturdily built bed which will serve you well for years to come. Add to that there is a solid 1-year guarantee behind the product, meaning if it’s not quite right, you can send it back. This bed’s modern look and feel is also a solid selling point, as it would suit any room or interior design, a truly diverse product.

3. Classic Guest Divan Base – Best Value


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Noted as the best value trundle bed, we are impressed by this bed’s great features and strong base as well as its remarkably reasonable price at just £170.

This classic divan base bed screams minimalism. Coming in a range of colours, blue, silver, mocha and beige, a great selection to suit any scheme or interior design. The two single beds open up into a super king-sized bed. The pull out trundle comes on wheels making it easy to slide in and out. The second bed has metal folding legs which bring it up to the same height as the original bed, so it can easily be turned into a king-size bed, for those unexpected guests or weekend sleepovers. 

Dreams offer a 1-year guarantee which is included in the price of the bed. They also offer free delivery on all orders, and promise to deliver within 10 days!

As confirmed by this UK reviewer:

“Great size for a smaller room and the fact the second bed can be taken out and put away so easily makes it even better – really comfy and great standard.”

Despite the wheels on the pull out bed making it easy to move around, some reviewers have mentioned the main bed with 4 feet is fairly difficult to move due to the extra weight – which, by the way also shows how well the bed is built! This frame does not come with a mattress, so make sure you measure the bed’s size to ensure you get the best fitting mattress for this trundle.

Once both beds are assembled, this bed’s total width is 180cm, making it equal to a super king-size bed, perfect for any unexpected overnight guests. 

If you’re not satisfied with the product, Dreams will allow you 14 days after your purchase to let them know and you can return the product.

Final Verdict: We’ve picked this trundle as the best value due to its great price at just £170 and the ease of set up, as well as it being an incredibly versatile design.

If you want something minimalistic and simple, this is the trundle bed for you. An absolute bargain coming in at under £200. Remember the frame does not include a mattress; therefore research the mattress size and shape before purchasing.

4. Comfy Living White Metal Day Bed with Trundle and Mattresses – Best Budget Combo (Includes mattress)


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We’ve picked this as the best budget combo as for just over £200 you get the bed frame, trundle and two mattresses included! Our readers will be pleased to know that this bed comes flat packed with all instructions and tools included, making it a straightforward and easy to assemble.

The style and elegance of this bed is a strong selling point. The white metal frame and shell-shaped details make it a stunning addition to any guest or teen girls bedroom.

Many reviewers have said this bed was a really comfy addition to their home. The frame comes with a sprung slatted base, making it more comfortable and solid to sleep on.

As confirmed by this UK reviewer:

“My husband built it on his own in less than an hour. The trundle rolls out really easily and raises to the height of the daybed. It was purchased for occasional use as a guest bed but I have slept in it once and found it very comfy and had a good night’s sleep.”

The bed comes with two mattresses which reviewers have said are comfortable enough for a full night’s sleep. The bed storage is limited with the underneath of the bed designed to store the second bed. The size is a traditional 3ft single bed which opens up into a super king-size bed once both beds are assembled.


This bed comes with lots of customer benefits such as a 12-month warranty, 90 days free Amazon music with your purchase, and speedy delivery within 5-10 days. If you’re looking to return your product, Amazon offers a free returns policy and will aim to refund you within 5-7 working days.


Final Verdict: This bed’s unique, elegant design and the comfort ratings from reviewers make this bed a strong contender. Priced under £230, you get a solid trundle bed, two mattresses and a decent warranty – if this isn’t value for money, we don’t know what is!

5. Bergamo 2 in 1 USB Charging Trundle Bed Frame – Best Modern


Here is one for the tech lovers. At just over £300, this trundle bed not only looks modern, cool and stylish, it also comes with a USB charging headboard. It’s ideal for teenagers who spend time chatting to friends or browsing the internet before bed and need to charge their phone or tablet. The four-panel padded headboard also adds that extra comfort and unique look to this trundle. 

But it’s not just teenagers this bed would work for, with a length of 6ft 8, most adults would be able to fit in this techy bed too. 

With a pull out trundle underneath, you can add a second mattress or use it as storage. Again, ideal for teenagers who like to have their friends round for sleepovers. 

As confirmed by one UK reviewer:

“12-year-old son loves this bed. The USB charging points are a fun and useful idea. Very smart looking bed frame – definitely a bed for a growing teenager. Completely happy with this purchase.”

Benson for Beds offer free delivery and expect to deliver this bed within one week. You will also receive a 1-year guarantee with this bed. Nevertheless, Benson for Beds charges 20% for returns, so it is advised to ensure you are certain on the product before making a purchase to avoid losing 20% if you wish to return the product.

Unfortunately, the trundle bed does not have wheels or castors; therefore, it may not be as easy to slide out as some of the other trundle beds. Reviewers have confirmed this, making note of the bed being difficult to slide out and pack away due to a standard mattress being too shallow for the bed, creating a gap between the trundle and the mattress. 

Final Verdict: The ideal bed for your teenage kids, with a cool, modern aesthetic and quirky USB tech headboard. Although a little more expensive coming in at just under £330, the additional tech features, style and strong frame make this trundle a great choice.

6. Lena Pine Guest Bed – Best Solid Wood


For those of you looking for a classic solid wood trundle bed, the Lena Pine Guest Bed is definitely worth considering. Made from ethically sourced pine wood and available in natural wood colour, this trundle bed is one sturdy durable unit and classy too! With matching head and foot ends, and the trendy shaker style design, this trundle is a great traditional and sophisticated bed which would fit in any room.

The Lena Guest Bed is perfect for overnight guests. You can pull out the second bed from underneath and choose between two singles or a double bed. What’s more, this bed has a strong frame and a great price, coming in under £300.

As confirmed by one UK reviewer

“Good quality and reasonable price.”

Mattress Online offers a very good delivery service, if you order before 1:30 pm you will receive free next day delivery! All orders come with a minimum 12-month warranty and returns are accepted up to 28 days after your purchase. 

In terms of shortcomings, this bed’s design and aesthetic may seem a little outdated too some. 

Final Verdict: The Lena Pine Guest Bed is a traditional and sturdy bed which is built and finished in pine wood. A timeless design would suit any room, and the price is fair for the quality of the product.

7. Hornblower Stone 3 Drawer Storage Trundle Bed – Best Storage


If storage and space-saving is what you’re after, well look no further than the Hornblower Trundle Bed. The price is very reasonable and a mid-range price amongst the ones we have featured in this article, at just under £400. With three deep storage drawers, and three dummy drawers to keep symmetry, this bed is not only ideal for storing extra clothes or shoes, but it is also a stylish and modern looking bed. 

The bed comes with a hidden compartment under the bed where a trundle is stored and can be pulled out as a guest bed. This hidden design is a sleek and modern feature of this bed, making it suitable for a spare guest room or kids bedroom.

As confirmed by one UK reviewer:

“Solid, robust, stylish and relatively easy to assemble. Great buy.”

In terms of drawbacks, the extended trundle width is smaller than some, at 192cm, and the two beds do not split into separate beds. Also, the trundle bed does not rise to the main bed’s height, so you just get two single separate beds here.

In terms of returns, Happy Beds policy states that to make any damage related returns, they must be contacted 24 hours after the delivery, which unfortunately doesn’t give you much time. However, delivery is free and you do receive a 5-year manufacturers guarantee.

Final Verdict: This is the bed for you if you want to optimise both floor space and storage at the same time, with three large and deep drawers. The design is both modern and stylish and we think it would work with any interior design.

8. Carpet Kingdom Madison White Metal Day Bed With Pull-Out Trundle – Best Contemporary


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Our next pick is this ultra-stylish white metal day bed with pull-out trundle. Coming in at just £187, the sofa design of this bed makes it ideal for not only a spare or kids bedroom but also an excellent addition to a home office, which could be dressed as a sofa during the day. The look of this bed is exquisite with a spiral swirl design stunning white finish.

When it comes to functionality and durability, the Madison comes with sprung slats, for additional comfort and the trundle slides out and pulls up into a spare single or double-sized bed.

As confirmed by one UK reviewer:

“No issues with components, sturdy and well made and looks great in my dressing room.”

In terms of negatives, some reviews mentioned the bed’s assembly took longer than expected and required a second man to help with the job. Reviewers mentioned the assembly was difficult due to many fittings and the bed being quite heavy. What’s more, the sturdiness was questioned by some reviewers. 

Delivery is expected to take 5-10 working days and returns through Amazon are usually free. 

Final Verdict: A great design and stylish addition to many different rooms. Be considerate of assembly time and difficulty, when purchasing – overall a great price at just under £200. 

9. DORAFAIR Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set – Best Bargain


Coming in at under £100, this is our most affordable trundle bed on the list The functionality is slightly different to the other trundle beds. In this you slide the second frame out alongside the single bed and both frames are on long metal legs, rather than being stored underneath on wheels. 

Despite the price, this bed has both the ability to be turned into a double bed as well as having 12.8 inches of storage space underneath it. The bed is coated in protection paint to avoid rusting and has been noted as being easy to assemble and clean.

As confirmed by one UK reviewer

“Excellent bed and trundle. Robust and comfortable to sleep or sit on.” 

In terms of size, this trundle is slightly smaller than the others, when both beds are assembled together it is 190cm. Another downside of this product is that it can only be made into one single or one super king, the beds cannot be split into two separate beds. 

As this product is on Amazon, similar to the metal day beds, you receive 90 days free Amazon music with your purchase and returns are free with refunds taking 5-7 working days. What’s more, delivery is promised within 5-10 calendar days. 

Final Verdict: This trundle is the best bargain bed by far and comes in a choice of two colours, black and white. Despite the price, we think this trundle bed offers excellent versatility in that it can be used as a sofa in the day and transformed into a stylish single or double bed at night. 

Wrapping Up

Designing a room to fit a bed as well as have enough storage can be hard and some Brits may find it daunting. However, using this guide to help influence your decision on which trundle bed to purchase, means you can begin making the best use of the space in your home.

Got any questions about the UK’s best trundle beds? Drop us a line below.

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